4. Low Thyroid

Many women don’t consider how their thyroid is affected when they go on a diet, but it’s one of the first things immediately affected. Decreasing your healthy carbohydrate intake for too long is a mistake many women make, including myself. By not eating carbs for longer than a few days, the thyroid starts to slow because they body’s metabolism has to work harder to get those nutrients and fuel from other sources. Instead of carb loading to avoid this, the answer is simple.

Choose healthy carbs like whole grain oats or quinoa and eat them early in the day instead of late at night. Also choose vegetables that are higher in carbs such as the ones mentioned above, which are actually weight loss friendly, and they also help to increase thyroid health. Too much soy protein from diet foods is also another reason most women who go on a diet have a low thyroid. A low thyroid ages your skin, can make your hair fall out and slows your metabolism greatly. It also increases dry skin and can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles.

Lack of Vitamin E
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