What Women at a Healthy Weight Eat for Lunch ...


What Women at a Healthy Weight Eat for Lunch ...
What Women at a Healthy Weight Eat for Lunch ...

Lunch is an important meal because it’s when you can take the opportunity to satisfy hunger and support good health so that the hours between noon and dinnertime aren’t filled with a grumbling stomach. Of course, there are good and bad food choices when it comes to lunch and choosing the right thing to eat is important for maintaining a healthy weight. Wondering what women at a normal weight eat for lunch? This is it!

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Broth Based Soup with a Whole Grain Roll is Tasty

Broth based soup is generally lower in calories than a creamy soup and you can find all sorts of options that are low in calories for a healthy weight. Good choices include veggies and beans. Lean protein like white fish or chicken breast are also great ingredients to fill you up without filling you out. A whole grain roll offers satiating fiber so that you stay full until dinner.


Some Kinds of Sushi Make a Perfect Lunch

Not all sushi rolls are appropriate for a healthy lunch, but many of them fit the bill. That means lots of choices and never having to eat the same lunch two days in a row. Experts at Health magazine suggest smoked salmon sushi, but anything that is heavy on lean protein and veggies and light on creamy condiments and sauces is perfect. Opt for brown rice over white to up your fiber intake.


You Can Never Go Wrong with a Salad

Salad doesn’t have to be a boring bowl of iceberg lettuce. In fact, girls at a healthy weight say it shouldn’t be. You can enjoy a pretty hefty salad without overdoing it on fat and calories. The trick is making sure it has enough fiber to prevent hunger an hour later. Start with chopped leafy greens and your favorite veggies. Then add protein from chicken, salmon, shrimp or beans. Add a bit of healthy fat from avocado or cheese and make sure you go easy on the dressing. Yum!


Have a Wrap Instead of a Sandwich

Cutting carbs can help you stay at a healthy weight, but you still need some for energy. Swapping out your regular white bread for a whole wheat tortilla is an easy and delicious switch that controls calorie intake. Inside your tortilla should be lean meats, lots of sliced veggies and minimal amounts of mayo and other high calorie condiments. Have your wrap with a piece of fruit for fiber and a hit of sweetness.


Have Some Tacos or a Burrito

Mexican food is my favorite so it’s nice to know that I don’t have to give it up if I want to eat healthy at lunchtime. The trick is to stick to moderate portion sizes and choose the right fillings for your tacos or burritos. Black or pinto beans, topped with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, avocado and low-fat cheddar is perfect. Go for whole wheat tortillas if you can and limit the cheesy sauces and sour cream, which are too high in calories to be healthy.


No, You Don’t Have to Give up the Burger

Obviously, variety is important for ensuring that your diet is healthy, and that means you can have a burger now and then. To keep it healthy, make the burger yourself instead of ordering it at a restaurant, where many burgers top 1,000 calories or more. Make your burger with lean ground beef or ground turkey and pile it high with veggies. Serve it on a whole grain bun and eat it with a fruit salad.


A Small Serving of Pasta is a Delicious Lunch

Pasta is generally something you probably don’t associate with a healthy lunch, but it can be. Choose whole wheat pasta and stick with a portion that is only one cup. Beef it up with steamed veggies, shrimp and tomato sauce and there’s no way you’ll feel deprived.

What’s your favorite healthy lunch? Will any of these be in your lunchbox tomorrow?

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You don't knoe what to believe in this time and age we live in! Full of lies ! Gmo! Corruption etc... the list goes on ...

It's all about moderation!

@totalblondie128 love this

Wraps are not good for you though they are equivalent to I louf of bread

With hamburgers, I remove the bottom bun, which eliminates some carbs. It also prevents you from feeling so disgustingly full afterwards

Quinoa, lentils, brown rice, fish (salmon is my fAV) and always drink a glass of water with your meals ;-)

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