Lose Weight by following These Tips to Limit Your Carbs ...


Lose Weight by following These Tips to Limit Your Carbs ...
Lose Weight by following These Tips to Limit Your Carbs ...

Carbs aren’t quite the evil things you’ve been told they are. In fact, your body needs a certain amount of carbs just to function. The trick is choosing the good over the bad. All that being said, limiting your carbs is a good way to lose some excess weight as long as you balance your intake for good health so that you get what you need without going overboard and hindering your weight loss goals. Here’s how to limit how many carbs you get.

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Eat Your Sandwich Open-Faced

hair, clothing, black hair, leg, thigh, Bread is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to unhealthy carbs. You want to eat 100% whole grains and stay away from the refined ones. Of course, slashing your intake in half can certainly help you lose some weight. Eat your sandwich open-faced by piling all of the toppings on one slice of bread and skipping the other slice of bread. You won’t miss it. I promise!


Try a Wrap Instead of a Sandwich

dish, food, salad, produce, meal, Instead of having your sandwich on bread, try having it wrapped in a lettuce leaf, which will save you loads of carbs. The lettuce leaf is cold and crunchy and lends a new taste and texture to your favorite sandwiches. It also contains a mere fraction of the number of carbs that a typical sandwich does. You will love this!


Measure Your Pasta Portions

food, cuisine, dish, spaghetti, italian food, Pasta is packed with carbs, which makes it one of the biggest culprits when it comes to gaining weight due to carb intake. The problem with pasta isn’t eating it per se, but it’s eating it in portions that are way too large. If you can’t give up your pasta, go ahead and eat it. But make sure you measure it out so that you can balance your intake with the rest of the day’s food.


Eat Potatoes with the Skin

food, dish, produce, vegetable, plant, Potatoes aren’t the devil when it comes to carbs. True, you don’t want to eat pounds and pounds of them, but when you consume them with the skin on, you can benefit from the good carbs in the potatoes in a much better way than you can when you eat them without the skin. So go ahead and eat the potatoes, but eat the skin too.


Slash the Sugar Intake

lady, beauty, fashion, festival, Irrir, Sugar is a bad carb and you should be avoiding it for more reasons than just that. Not only can sugar lead to weight gain, but it’s also hard on your body and your skin. Sugar is obviously found in cookies, cake and soda, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s also in pasta sauce, salad dressing, store bought bread and many other things. Don’t eat these things and you will probably see your weight going down.


Quit Eating Corn and Popcorn

clothing, girl, beach, vacation, beauty, Yes, they have some nutrients, but corn is packed with carbs, and the nutrients it contains don’t balance out into making it a healthy choice. Corn on its own is an unhealthy option, but you definitely want to skip the popcorn too or you’ll take in way more carbs than is healthy for a weight loss diet.


Eat Nuts to Cure Your Hunger

food, still life photography, produce, macro photography, still life, When you get hungry, it’s easy to reach for chips, pretzels or other junk you can get from the vending machine. Clearly, those are terrible choices because they all contain unhealthy carbs. Instead, carry nuts with your wherever you go and you have a quick and low-carb snack to satisfy your hunger whenever it happens.

How do you cut carbs? Do you have weight loss goals?

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Carbs are good for you

Thankyou Eliza for the great tips

Air popped popcorn with no butter isn't terrible ... is it ???

I cut carbs in most evening, is effective. Take carbs in morning or lunch if want to, as our body burns more energy during day time.

i love popcorn 😢😢😢

Oh, no....I gotta give up the pretzels??


Ugh this article makes me sick! CARB THE FUCK UP!

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