10 Essential Tips for a Healthy Weight Loss ...


10 Essential Tips for a Healthy Weight Loss ...
10 Essential Tips for a Healthy Weight Loss ...

Healthy weight loss is the best weight loss. Binge dieting, fad dieting and just downright weird diets don’t work and are NOT good for you. Weight loss from these types of diets tends to be temporary and does nothing to change your eating habits and attitudes towards your weight. It is pointless losing weight if you make yourself ill during the process so your diet should be geared towards a healthy weight loss. A good diet should change the way you eat food and enjoy food, promote good general food habits but most of all give you a healthy weight loss that makes you feel good and look great. Here are 10 Essential Tips For A Healthy Weight Loss:

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Eat Small, Eat Regularly

A common myth associated with healthy weight loss is that you need to skip either lunch or breakfast each day. This will actually only hurt you in the long run as your body’s mechanisms are thrown out of synch. In fact you will probably end up putting more weight on.


Calories Are Everything

If you are going to count calories make sure you stick to the allowance you have set every day. Check the calorie count of any prepared foods you eat but make note of the portion size too. Those microwavable meals might seem simple and easy and the calorie count looks nice and low until you realize you have to split the meal with your partner for that number of calories! Another tip for an easier healthy weight loss is to not mix your counters. If you’re doing a calorie control diet, don’t try and mix it up with a low-fat diet and if you’re counting fat units don’t try and work it alongside a Gi diet. These tried and tested diets work on very different principles so a mix and match of diets won’t work.


Apples and Oranges

Instead of slurping the last melted drips of chocolate ice cream from the bottom of the bowl, consider eating apples and oranges for dessert instead. It will not only allow you to lose weight as you are taking in less calories, but the vitamin C found in fruit will help you burn fat and keep you going for longer.


Fast Food…No…Just No

We don’t really need to go through why eating fast food will put on calories and completely ruin your healthy eating regime do we?


Walk, Jog, and Run

If you are looking for something to help you with your healthy weight loss plan then one thing definitely on the menu is exercise. Try walking to work for a change and leave the car at home. You will not only be saving lots of money on gas, but you will be burning extra calories at the same time.


America’s Bane

Bad snacking is off the menu. If you want to follow through on your healthy weight loss goals then you will have to avoid picking and snacking on highly processed foods that are full of salt, sugar, additives and other stuff not good for you. Even so called health bars can be laden with calories thanks to the oats, nuts and dried fruits they tend to contain. If you have to snack – good snacking is allowed – eat fruit or a low fat yoghurt. As a treat save some of your allowance (calories, fat units etc) for snacks, then you can have a chocolate biscuit, popcorn or some potato chips.


Consistency is Key

One of the most important healthy weight loss tips is to be consistent. Yo-yo dieting is hard work and unfulfilling and it’s no use exercising for a week and then taking the next week off.


Obey Your Dentist

For years now, your dentist has probably been telling you how bad all that soda is for your teeth. If you’re going to all the trouble of working towards a healthy weight loss, what you drink is just as important as what you eat. Soda is not only bad for your dental health, but it’s also bad for your physical health as it puts on lots of unnecessary calories. Stick to water instead!


Salad and Water

A plain salad (with minimal dressing) and a large glass of water is the perfect stomach filler before a large meal. Most of the time feelings of hunger are those of thirst. Take a drink and be surprised how much those hunger pangs dissipate.


Fool Your Stomach

There are some little hints and tips for a healthy weight loss that are no-brainers. If you eat slowly and chew your food more then you will find yourself eating much less overall. Eating slowly allows your stomach time to tell your brain it’s had enough. It also eliminates that horrible bloated feeling which many people complain about after a large meal. When dieting, eat off smaller plates. Portions look bigger on smaller plates and you can’t fit as much on. A fuller plate looks more inviting too.

These 10 Essential Tips For A Healthy Weight Loss regime are not something which can stand alone. In order for you to achieve your healthy weight loss targets you must implement these into the very fabric of your lifestyle for a long period of time. Have you started your weight loss regime yet?

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stop drinking soda for a month and guaranteed to lose some weight............don't think diet soda is ok because its NOT...

Because most people tend to eat a late dinner it is actually a very good idea in such cases to skip the breakfast to allow the gastrointestinal track to properly empty before piling on more food. This will also extend the time your body is in a fasted state allowing it to empty glycogen stores and tap into the fat stores for energy. There are numerous scientific studies supporting this. Look for "intermittent fasting". I also believe that eating 5-6 small meals per day is very impractical , counterproductive to weigh loss because it keeps us fixated on eating all day instead of enjoying life!

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