13 Healthiest Milks for Girls Who Love Their Body ...


13 Healthiest Milks for Girls Who Love Their Body ...
13 Healthiest Milks for Girls Who Love Their Body ...

Milk used to mean cow’s milk. Then we got semi-skim and skimmed. For alternatives there was really only goat milk and it wasn’t widely available. Now days, the number of available milks is incredible. Whether you’re lactose intolerant or just don’t want to ingest dairy, here’s a list of milks you’ll see on supermarket shelves and in health food stores.

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Almond Milk

Almond Milk One of the best dairy milk alternatives is almond milk. Great for giving you a much needed dose of calcium, almond milk has a distinctly nutty flavor but due to its watery nature doesn’t pose too much of an overwhelming presence in the mouth.
Calories – 35 (unsweetened)
Saturated fat – 2.5g
Calcium – 45% RDV


Soy Milk

Soy Milk Soy milk is perfect for people who like to make a lot of smoothies. It has been described many times as a slightly sweeter, thicker version of almond milk, and it has a much stronger aftertaste that lingers on the taste buds for longer.
Calories – 80
Saturated fat – 0.5g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Rice Milk

Rice Milk Perhaps less heard of than the previous two, rice milk is the perfect dairy alternative to have on your breakfast cereal in the mornings. Rice milk’s semi sweet, medium rich, pleasant flavor will help enhance the taste of almost anything that usually calls for dairy milk. Note how little calcium rice milk has compared to others.
Calories – 120
Saturated fat – 0.5g
Calcium – 2% RDV


Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk The secret killer dish that people can cook that includes hemp milk is mashed potatoes. Hemp milk is another variety that boasts a slightly nutty flavor, and it also has a very thin, watery texture that works great when combined with silky mashed potatoes.
Calories – 80
Saturated fat – 0.5g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Flax Milk

Flax Milk Rather than adding to a dish whilst cooking, the very best use for flax milk is to dip your cookies in to it. Some accuse flax milk of being a bit too bland, but I think it’s subtle flavor is great for accompanying a rich cookie, and it is also lactose free so that’s a another positive.
Calories – 25
Saturated fat – 0.0g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Hazelnut Milk

Hazelnut Milk Looking for something new to add to your early morning cup of coffee? Try using hazelnut milk instead of dairy milk. It’s incredibly rich and flavorful, and will add a new dimension to your cup of coffee, making it feel like your very own homemade Starbucks!
Calories – 110
Saturated fat – 0.0g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk It could be said that coconut milk is the king of milk cooking alternatives. Its rich, slightly sour flavor is perfect for homemade soups and a wide variety of one pot dishes like Thai curry and even coconut rice. Yummy!
Calories – 45
Saturated fat – 0.0g
Calcium – 10% RDV


Oat Milk

Oat Milk Oat milk is a wonderful milk alternative to use when you are making a big batch of delicious pancakes. It’s sweet enough and rich enough to really make a difference, adding a touch of luxury to your normal morning breakfast routine. As you can see later, it was more calcium than cow’s milk. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.
Calories – 130
Saturated fat – 0.0g
Calcium – 35% RDV


Cashew Milk

Cashew Milk It is not an exaggeration to say that cashew milk tastes exactly like its nut counterpart, and for this reason it works really great being used in salad dressing mixtures. Slightly thicker than other milks, it holds up really well when mixed with other ingredients.
Calories – 40
Saturated fat – 0.5g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Goat Milk

Goat Milk Goat milk is known for being slightly sweeter to the taste than cow’s milk, and for this reason it is a great option for making yogurt.
Calories – 150
Saturated fat – 0.05g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Skim Milk

Skim Milk Skimmed cow’s milk is very watery and could be described as more bland than fuller fat varieties, but it is a good choice for somebody looking for a quick dose of protein.
Calories – 90
Saturated fat – 0.0g
Calcium – 30% RDV


2% Milk

2% Milk 2% milk has a gentle flavor, not too strong and not too thick, and for these reasons is generally the go to milk for a nice cup of tea.
Calories – 130
Saturated fat – 3.0g
Calcium – 30% RDV


Whole Milk

Whole Milk Whole milk, as you would imagine, is thick, creamy and rich, and undeniably still one of the greatest sources of calcium around. It’s put to best nutritional use when it is partnered with oatmeal.
Calories – 150
Saturated fat – 5.0g
Calcium – 30% RDV

*Figures are based on one serving – ~½ cup

I know that many readers wonder a lot about all the different types of milk. It would be great if anyone who has tried any of the non-dairy types could share their views. What have you tried and which do you like best?

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My fav is almond milk and for my baby my little boy drinks breast milk :-)

I thought hemp was marijuana so marijuana milk? Awesome

Need to try this

I'm a vegan and I like almond milk. Chocolate almond milk also tastes very good. Hazelnut and coconut are great too, I haven't tried cashew milk though. Can mix 3/4 cup chia seeds with 2 cups of almond milk mix and refrigerate for a yummy chia pudding with no dairy! Can add fruits to sweeten it up.

I have tried most of these and still prefer almond milk and coconut milk over the others. I used to drink only non fat milk but have heard that they add extra sugar to compensate how diluted it is.

Ooh I want flax milk!!!

@grunge that'd be my kinda milk ; (

Ever heard of camel milk? It's great for diabetics.

Soy is linked to breast cancer since it mimics estrogen!

I grabbed a carton of cashew milk and I am just not enjoying it. I really thought I would :/

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