The 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Should Be Eating ...

By Sonya

The 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Should Be Eating ...

Are you wondering what are the 10 healthiest vegetables? I would say that all of us have the best intentions and ambitions when it comes to eating healthy and getting in great shape. However, as we all know too well, this can sometimes be harder than it seems, especially when there are so many differing opinions online and in books about what is the best route to take. Let’s get down to basics. The best way to start yourself on a journey to better overall health is to eat as healthily as possible. This means a diet that includes a lot of fresh vegetables, but which ones in particular? Here are the 10 healthiest vegetables that you should be making part of your daily routine.

1 Onions

vegetable, local food, natural foods, red onion, onion, One of the 10 healthiest vegetables is onions and they are great! You will get the most of onion’s cancer-fighting antioxidant properties by eating them raw. Slicing them thinly to put in a cheese sandwich is both ideal for taste and for getting the most out of the vegetable!

2 Corn

corn on the cob, corn on the cob, sweet corn, vegetarian food, dish, Corn is great both on and off the cob, and the longer it is cooked, the higher the level of antioxidants becomes. Great for combating things like blindness in the elderly.

3 Peas

vegetable, snap pea, edamame, pea, green bean, Small but mighty, the humble garden pea has been known to lower the risk of stomach cancer, so make sure you consume as many as you can.

4 Kale

leaf vegetable, vegetable, leaf, kale, produce, Kale is still the on-trend super food and it has that reputation for a good reason. It’s one of the healthiest vegetables in the supermarket and can reduce your risk of both heart disease and high cholesterol.

5 Broccoli

broccoli, vegetable, dish, vegetarian food, food, One study has found that eating five servings of broccoli or more a week can actually halve your chance of developing bladder cancer in later life. Lucky for us, it’s also one of the most versatile vegetables to cook!

6 Red Bell Pepper

natural foods, vegetable, local food, paprika, produce, Make a change from green to a red bell pepper. One medium sized pepper is only 32 calories and is packed full of Vitamin C. It’s a great vegetable to stuff with other healthy ingredients.

7 Spinach

dish, salad, spinach salad, vegetable, leaf vegetable, Popeye didn’t wolf down the green stuff for nothing! Spinach is packed full of carotenoids and antioxidants that help to prevent blindness, helping elderly people to see for much longer.

8 Alfalfa Sprouts

alfalfa sprouts, plant, ingredient, spice, recipe, These tiny vegetables pack a big punch for their size! Their antioxidant properties can help to protect against things like lung cancer while also helping skin, gums, glands, bones, teeth, and hair.

9 Brussels Sprouts

vegetable, leaf vegetable, dish, cruciferous vegetables, vegetarian food, Dreaded by many, beloved by few, Brussels sprouts are perfect for giving you a massive dose of Vitamin C, as well as being able to fight against things like heart disease and even cataracts. Find recipes for new ways to eat them – you’ll be surprised how good they can be.

10 Beets

vegetable, local food, natural foods, chard, leaf vegetable, The gorgeous natural colour of beets is just the start of their positives! They help protect the eyes, fight certain types of cancer, and you can even use the dark leafy green parts. In fact, they are the most nutritious element of the entire vegetable!

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