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Delicious Low Cal Substitutes for when You're Sick of Just Water ...

By Taji

Do you enjoy staying healthy and hydrated, but have trouble finding low calorie substitutes for water? As much as I love the clean and refreshing feeling of a cold glass of water, sometimes I’m in the mood for something different. There are plenty of ways to stay hydrated! As long as you keep the sugar and artificial sweeteners to a minimum, you have a ton of choices. If you find yourself getting bored when drinking plain old water, try these seven awesome substitutes for water.

1 Tea

Purple, Drink, Chinese herb tea, Food, Tea,Tea is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for low calorie substitutes for water. Whether it’s green, black, white, red, or even herbal, there are plenty of teas and tea blends to choose from. You can brew it yourself or steep a teabag if you’re in a hurry. Tea is full of antioxidants, which helps fight the free radical damage that leads to premature aging and even some diseases, like cancer. Whichever way you enjoy your tea, it’s an excellent substitute for water.

2 Coffee

Cup, Coffee cup, Cup, Dandelion coffee, Caffeine,I know you’ve probably read how coffee dehydrates you and that it’s no substitute for water. This is true if you drink a million cups of coffee a day, as caffeine is a diuretic that dehydrates you. However, when consumed in moderation, coffee is a great energizer and replacement for water. One thing to keep in mind though, is to limit the amount of lattes and other coffee flavored drinks you consume. If you enjoy coffee with a splash of milk or cream, that’s completely fine. Lattes and other coffee flavored drinks, on the other hand, have a ton of sugar and added calories. Try to avoid these drinks if possible.


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3 Kombucha

Glass bottle, Drink, Vegetable juice, Bottle, Ingredient,Ever heard of this fantastic beverage? Originating in ancient Asia, kombucha is a fermented black tea that is treated as a live food. This substitute for water might be low in calories, but it is certainly high in nutrients! The fermentation process makes kombucha is one of the only beverages that have live enzymes and probiotics, which are great for digestion and immunity. You can purchase kombucha at local health food stores or even search online for homemade recipes.

4 Fresh Vegetable Juice

Limonana, Food, Vegetable juice, Smoothie, Juice,I cannot stress the importance of adding fresh vegetable and fruit juices into your diet. Low in calories, these juices are great to drink in the morning. Pick your favorite blend of leafy greens and whole fruits for a delightful blend of sweet and savory. Besides being super hydrating, vegetable juices are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other essential antioxidants, making it a perfect substitute for water.

5 Green Smoothies

Aojiru, Vegetable juice, Leaf, Food, Drink,If you’re feeling adventurous, try drinking a green smoothie! As long as you don’t add ingredients that add a ton of calories like honey, dairy, or avocados, green smoothies are a delightful substitute for water. Besides getting vitamins and nutrients, you also get the added fiber from the blended pulp of the fruits and vegetables. Browsing online will give you plenty of ideas and recipes if you’re new to the green smoothie trend.

6 Sparkling Water

Beverage can, Tin can, Drink, Aluminum can, Soft drink,Sparkling water is another great alternative to water. I used to be a die-hard soda addict, and found that switching to sparkling or mineral water was a great way to curb my cravings and ultimately kick the habit. Sparkling water gives you all the fizz and carbonation of soda without the unneeded calories or sugar. So the next time you feel that urge to reach for a soda, try a glass of sparkling water instead.

7 Milk

Smoothie, Milkshake, Food, Drink, Dessert,I know milk has been getting a bad rap these days—but if done right, milk can be a great alternative for water. Always try to purchase organic milk that is free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other hidden additives that could seriously harm your health. Also don’t be afraid of whole milk! I know it seems counterintuitive, but remember that your ancestors didn’t drink skim or low-fat milk back in the day; they drank raw, unpasteurized, whole milk. Although raw milk is illegal for consumption in the United States and still deemed as unsafe by the medical community, drinking whole, organic milk is one step closer to getting back a more natural way of eating.

Staying hydrated is a very important component to being slim and healthy! As much as I can’t stress the importance of drinking plenty of water, sometimes you need a change. What are some of your favorite ways to jazz up water? Is there something else you like to substitute for water?

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