18 Ways to Lose Weight when in College ...

We all know there are loads of ways to GAIN weight when in college — hence the ever-familiar Freshman Fifteen — but did you know there are a few really good ways to lose weight when in college, too? By following a few simple rules, and remembering a few key ideas, you can lose weight while you’re away at school, while everyone else is chubbing out. Here are 18 ways to lose weight when in college… and keep it off!

1. Take a Class

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Whether your degree requires it or not, try taking a fitness class to help you lose weight while in college. Most colleges and universities will count this class as a 3 or 4 credit-hour elective, and aside from earning the credits, you’ll also be forced into being fit… and you’ll even learn exactly how to be fit, without hiring a trainer or paying to join a gym. Bonus!

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