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7 Apps for Healthy Eating ...

By Heather

No one ever said it was easy to eat healthy, but with these apps for healthy eating, you can be a leg up on everyone else, and on your diet. Many of my favorite apps for healthy eating are some of the most popular ones associated with dieting tools on smartphones today, but a few of them are ones you may not think of. Read on to find my favorite nutrition friendly apps that can not only save you the stress that eating healthy may pose, but can also be a fun way to see how you’re doing and keep you on track. Get your money’s worth out of your smartphone; it can be your secret healthy eating tool, right at your fingertips.

1 Lose It!

Lose It!
Lose It has been one of the top rated apps for healthy eating for quite some time, and with good reason. This app includes everything from calorie counts of thousands of foods, to a food diary, exercise log, and a shopping list included in the app. I also like the appearance of this app and the fact that it is free. Lose It can also track nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates and more, plus allow you to scan barcodes at the store to see how a product ranks. It works with or without a network connection and has no annoying advertisements.

2 Grocery IQ

While this may not seem like a conventional app for healthy eating, it can be a great resource to help you stay on track. This app is jam-packed with tools to help you stay healthy at the supermarket. It includes built-in grocery lists for millions of items, including healthy ones, so you can pick the good guys out from the bad. It also customizes your list by aisles so you can avoid those unhealthy snack aisles that derail you. Next, it can keep a history log of what you buy so you don’t forget next time you’re at the store. You can search items by voice, scan items with a barcode scanner, sync your lists with local stores, and hunt for coupons for healthy items. With all these features, there is no reason not to download this free app.


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3 Fooducate
This free app for healthy eating is a wonderful app to have on hand if you’re watching what you eat and need a little help. Fooducate helps you track your calories, analyzes the quality of your calories, logs your exercise for you and even grades your food based on nutrition! It also tells you the pros and cons of a product, along with providing healthy alternative items if you choose an unhealthy item at the store. This app is free too, which makes it a no-brainer for downloading.

4 Fooditive
If you suffer from food allergies, or just want to avoid gluten, soy, dairy or peanuts for other health reasons, check this app out to give you a hand! Fooditive is a great app for those who have children who suffer from food allergies, or who have allergies themselves. I find it helpful for avoiding gluten, dairy and soy, which I try to avoid, since these items are often labeled as sneaky ingredient names. This app allows you to type in an item, and it will tell you what allergens it contains, along with healthy alternatives. It allows you to browse the entire database multiple ways, and also gives you the reactions that several allergens may cause in case you have eaten an offending food or ingredient, such as a preservative. This app costs $4.99, but for those unsure of what to buy or eat at a restaurant, this app could truly be a real life saver.

5 HD Superfoods

I love this app because it emphasizes superfoods to eat for most of your meals, and all the reasons you should include these foods in your diet. When you add in superfoods to bulk up your meals, you naturally crowd out the unhealthy stuff. HD Superfoods also gives you 200 recipes to go along with the colorful list, and full photo displays of all the superfoods included in the app. It has Facebook integration, allows you to search by ingredients or health concerns, and can even customize lists and recipes based on your nutrition goals. Popular brand items are also given if you want to purchase superfoods at your local store or online. Get your glow on and detox the healthy way by eating superfoods. With this app, you now have the secret weapon to learn how! HD Superfoods costs 99 cents.

6 Green Smoothies

Perhaps one of my favorite ways to eat healthy is green smoothies! I love them morning, afternoon, and night. They are a sure fire way to eat healthy, and with this app, you have no excuse not to try them yourself! Green smoothies aren’t only delicious, but they are also fun to make with healthy foods. By using sweet greens like spinach and frozen fruit, you’ve got a thick, sweet and icy treat in no time. This app allows you to search over 90 recipes with over 100 USDA approved ingredients. It offers the ability to search by the smoothie’s name, or ingredients in each smoothie. It can also tell you how many calories are in each one. I especially like the tips it gives for making sure you get the perfect smoothie every time, and not a messy and watery green mess. This app costs $1.99.

7 CSPI Chemical Cuisine

CSPI Chemical
I love CSPI, which stands for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, due to the organization’s unbiased approval and opinion of foods, brand names, and ingredients. CSPI doesn’t hold back and will let you know if something you’re eating is unhealthy! I love their print publication, but this app by the organization is also amazing. Chemical Cuisine contains over 130 common food additives found on store shelves and gives you a description, along with a safety rating to help you make smarter choices. Chemical Cuisine will also update itself automatically when new items are added or other items are changed. This app costs 99 cents.

Each of these apps have come in handy for me in a variety of ways. I hope you’ll check them out and be sure to share your favorites with me. What is your favorite app for healthy eating?

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