This is How to Get Ready for Thanksgiving for Girls Who do Not Want to Put on Weight ...


This is How to Get Ready for Thanksgiving for Girls Who do Not Want to Put on Weight ...
This is How to Get Ready for Thanksgiving for Girls Who do Not Want to Put on Weight ...

Preparing for Thanksgiving can take lots of planning and preparation, especially if you do not want to put on weight like the countless folks that do. This holiday includes one of the highest calorie feasts that can leave you stuffed like a turkey, wishing you did not eat so much. So prepare for your gobble gobble day with exercising more, eating lighter and even running a turkey trot on Thanksgiving! Prepare for the best so you can avoid the worst of stuffing yourself too much!

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Run a Turkey Trot

Register for a local running race to run on Thanksgiving so you can burn plenty of calories at the start of the day. If you want to push yourself even more go for a mile warm up and a mile cool down. This will help you to sit pretty at the start of the day with your metabolism super charged to help you avoid putting on weight!


Bring a Healthy Dish

Your annual Thanksgiving at your Aunt’s home is quite the celebration of high calorie decadent dishes. Bring a healthy dish to save on calories and avoid holiday weight gain. The polite way to do this is call up the host and ask what they would like you to bring. Casually mention healthy suggestions and see what they choose.


Cook Lighter Sides

If you are the host, this can be your perfect day, making it easier to stay on track. Nearly every dish can be made healthier if you simply put some thought into it. With the countless healthy websites I am certain you can find healthier swaps for your decadent dishes. Just think outside the box!


Lose Weight the Week Prior

You know you are going to splurge because after all this is a holiday, so kick up your fitness in the week prior to compensate for this. If you exercise more and even lose a few pounds the week before, you will be less likely to tip the scale on Turkey day. So get up and get to it!


Increase Your Steps Leading up

If you wear a trackable fitness device it is likely to know the range of your normal daily steps. So in the week leading up to turkey day, bump up your steps. Set a daily goal of a few thousand more steps and step to the challenge. The more energy you expend, the leaner you will be.


Wear Something Fitted

Purchase something new for the holiday that you have to work to fit into. And make sure it is fitted. If you wear this on the holiday you will be reminded to eat proper portion sizes to avoid your outfit ripping. Studies show people that wear something fitted tend to eat less.


Create a Challenge Leading up to Turkey Day

Grab your besties and step up to a challenge leading up to turkey day. Even if it is just a few days away, following a fitness challenge can help you slim down so you can stress less on the holiday. Get up and move more, eat healthier, and get in your best shape for Thanksgiving!

Happy almost Thanksgiving. It is time to be reminded to appreciate the world around you, and invite friends and family to better their health. Pay it forward to help others live the healthful life they deserve!

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