7 Beverages That Are Diet-Friendly and Won't Affect Your Waistline ...


7 Beverages That Are Diet-Friendly and Won't Affect Your Waistline ...
7 Beverages That Are Diet-Friendly and Won't Affect Your Waistline ...

It’s easy to remember foods that are diet friendly, but be sure you don’t forget about beverages that are diet friendly either. No matter how healthy your diet is, if your beverages are unhealthy, you won’t lose weight. You never want to drink your calories. Be sure you choose smart beverage options, so your weight loss will be optimal, and your blood sugar will be under control. Stay far, far away from drinking high sugar and high fat beverages whenever possible. Since your body doesn’t have to digest beverages as much as it does your food, it can’t use those calories to burn fat efficiently, or increase your metabolism by doing so. The following beverages, however, are all wonderful beverages that are diet friendly, and incredible for you too. Enjoy these sips guilt-free anytime, whether you’re dieting, or just looking for delicious, healthy drink options.

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Green Tea and Lemon

Green Tea and Lemon One of the top classic beverages that are diet friendly is the famous green tea. But do be sure you add a squeeze of lemon while you’re at it! Lemons are high in Vitamin C, and the antioxidants in green tea will be enhanced with a little Vitamin C included. Green tea lowers your blood sugar, reduces stress, and is fantastic for your metabolism. It is also high in anti-aging benefits, as well as calorie-free. Choose regular or decaffeinated, but be sure you go sans sugar. If you need to sweeten it, use my favorite sweetener, liquid stevia by NuNaturals. They even make orange, lemon, and cherry flavors if you want an all natural flavoring option too!


Green Lemonade

Green Lemonade Have you had green lemonade yet? Let me introduce you to my favorite morning green drink! I learned about this phenomenal drink from one of my favorite health and nutrition mentors, Natalia Rose. Natalia’s book, Detox for Women, introduced me to green juices five years ago, and I never looked back. I thought juicing was a waste of time until I tried it, and then I was hooked. Green lemonade was the first green drink Rose recommended in her book, and one I’m crazy about now. Sweet, tart, and all natural, green lemonade is a fabulous low sugar, all natural green juice that will jump start your weight loss, lower your blood sugar, and clear your digestive tract. It is basically a green juice made with a head of romaine lettuce or 5 stalks of kale, one lemon, ½ inch knob of ginger, 1 cucumber, and I like to add in some parsley or cilantro too. I drink this every morning and feel amazing! It’s also a powerhouse of nutrients you can drink, all before breakfast.


Unsweetened Almond Milk

Unsweetened Almond Milk Here’s a little secret I have for helping me go back to sleep at night: I get up and pour a cold glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk in a pre-frosted glass, which I keep in the freezer at all times. I add a dash of cinnamon, and a drop of liquid stevia, and drink about 1 cup. The calcium in almond milk, plus the Vitamin B12 and magnesium, help to calm my nerves and help me nod off quickly. This prevents me from getting up to eat something at midnight just because I can’t sleep, and it works every single time. You could consume regular milk if you like, but I like Silk unsweetened almond milk because it is only 30 calories, has no sugar, and has 50% more calcium than dairy milk does. Calcium is a powerful nutrient to help you fall asleep and calm your nerves, and when combined with magnesium, it offers an even stronger effect.


Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies Along with green juices, green smoothies are also excellent for any diet. Green smoothies are whole foods that are blended to create one unique green drink that can even serve as a meal. I do advise to leave out too much fruit from your green smoothies though, and mostly try to include greens, with only 1 or 2 fruits. This keeps the sugar content somewhat low, and also helps ensure your blood sugar levels stay even. I also like to add vegan protein powder or Greek yogurt, along with some stevia to sweeten, and even a little coconut butter and flax seed for healthy fats. These green smoothies will make your skin glow, your metabolism soar, and stave off hunger and junk food cravings.



H20 Let’s not forget about one of the simplest beverages of all- H2O! So many people overlook water when choosing beverages during the day. Most of us have trained our taste buds to crave sweet or fatty drinks, when really, we’re just thirsty and need some water. Try drinking one glass of water next time you’re thirsty, and add some lemon or lime if you hate it plain.


Hot Cacao

Hot Cacao Notice I said hot cacao, and not hot cocoa here? Hot cacao is one of the best beverages you can drink for your metabolism, and your food cravings. Hot cacao is nothing more than hot water with raw cacao powder added, and even a little almond milk and stevia to make it sweet and creamy with few calories. Hot cacao is richer in nutrients than regular cocoa, and is higher in fiber and natural fats. This drink will give you phenomenal levels of energy, lower your blood sugar, and even help you lose weight. Raw cacao is one of the best weight loss foods you can eat, and it’s also incredible for reducing cravings of all kinds.



Coffee Coffee gets a bad rap, but one or two cups in the morning are actually one of the best beverage choices you can make. Coffee is incredibly high in antioxidants, even more so than blueberries or spinach. You should choose organic coffee though, since conventional forms are high in pesticides and toxins, and low in antioxidants. My favorite brand here lately is Puroast Low Acid Organic Coffee. It is the best tasting, cleanest, and richest coffee I’ve ever had, and 70% lower in acid than regular coffee. This makes it less bitter, higher in antioxidants, and better for your body. Coffee is a great source of magnesium, B vitamins, and anti-aging benefits. It has been proven to lower insulin levels, making it great for diabetics as well. The trick is to make sure you don’t add sugar and heavy cream or powdered creamer, and instead use a healthy sweetener like stevia. I also like to use unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk as my creamer options.

When choosing beverages that are diet friendly, be sure you remember not to drink too much fat and sugar at the same time, if any at all. Overall, you want to consume most of your dense calories through foods that you can chew, rather than those you sip. What’s your favorite diet-friendly beverage?

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Really helpful thanks!

Great tips :) with the cold winter, I like hot beverages right now such as herbal teas - green tea in the morning or at lunch and ginger tea in the afternoon. I also enjoy a hot cup of almond milk sweetened with stevia and some cinnamon... Sometimes I put cocoa powder with the milk in the am or afternoon. I may go back to coffee but agreed a nice tasting organic brand is best and would like to try starting my morning with a green lemonade or green smoothie. :)

Like it thx

Green tea is my all time favorite :)

Soy milk is the best kept diet secret! You simply have to try unsweetened almond milk...it will change how you see milk forever

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