Here's How You Can Eat Lots of Pizza and Still Stay Skinny ...


Here's How You Can Eat Lots of Pizza and Still Stay Skinny ...
Here's How You Can Eat Lots of Pizza and Still Stay Skinny ...

No one should have to give up pizza. After all, it’s a splurge that we all want to indulge in now and then. While pizza should never make up the majority of your diet, you can certainly enjoy it from time to time without feeling guilty. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Use these easy tips to enjoy your slice (or two) while also making it a healthier option that won’t leave you standing on the scale in tears. Enjoy!

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Blot the Extra Grease with a Couple of Napkins

red, meat, organ, food, dish, You can easily eliminate a hundred calories or so by blotting the grease that collects on top of your pizza. Simply dab it with a napkin and watch how much soaks in. It’s so easy, it only takes a second and it lets you gobble down your pizza without taking in as many calories. Easy, right?


Opt for a Whole Wheat Crust Because It Has More Fiber

clothing, snapshot, cap, fashion, dress, When you’re watching your weight, eating fiber is important. Why? Because it bulks up in your digestive tract and is digested slowly, so it keeps you feeling full for longer. By choosing a whole wheat crust, you can satisfy your appetite with just a slice or two instead of eating the whole pie.


Go Easy on the Cheese to save Fat and Calories

dish, food, pizza, cuisine, produce, I would never suggest having a cheese-free pizza because, really, what’s the point? It’s not as good without all the gooiness. Instead of having a truckload, have just enough cheese to hold your toppings in place. This way you can enjoy the slice you choose without overloading yourself on fat and calories, which can lead to weight gain.


Pile on Some Veggies for Even More Fiber

food, dish, pizza, cuisine, bruschetta, Veggies are a prime source of fiber so adding them to pizza lets you enjoy a small portion of a favorite food instead of inhaling enough to make you give up on your weight loss goals. Broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, artichoke hearts and asparagus are fabulous options. But go ahead and try squash, eggplant or whatever your little heart desires.


Skip the Stuffed Crust – It’s a Big Time No-no

dish, food, pizza, cuisine, produce, Stuffed crust pizza is way higher in fat and calories than the thin crust version. If you want to have pizza but don’t want to gain weight, say no to the stuffed crust and order a thin crust instead. This lets you enjoy the delicious toppings while keeping your svelte waistline intact.

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Skip the Processed Meats Because They Aren’t All That Healthy

dish, food, art, cuisine, Processed meats, such as pepperoni and sausage are pretty fatty and full of calories. That makes them pizza toppings to skip. Veggies and cheese are flavorful enough that you won’t even miss the meat. If you must have it, try sliced chicken breast instead. Yum!


Don’t Inhale the Pizza Too Late at Night

human action, hair, eating, dish, sense, There’s some research saying that eating too late at night can cause weight gain. Whether or not that’s true, it pays to enjoy your pizza early in the day so you have a chance to burn off the calories. Plus, I can tell you that pizza right before bed is sure fire way to be up all night with heartburn and indigestion. Lunchtime pizza, anyone?


Make It at Home

food, dish, cuisine, pizza, produce, It's ridiculous how many calories you'll save if you made a pizza at home vs picking one up or having it delivered. Not only do you control the ingredients, but it's probably going to be a lot less processed than those store bought ones. Plus, making it at home is fun and allows you to customize beyond your wildest dreams.


Mind Your Portions

meal, dish, food, brunch, breakfast, Everything is fine in moderation, so make sure when choosing pizza, you watch your portions. Don't sit and devour a whole medium pizza to yourself. Stick to one to two slices as your meal.


Serve with a Salad

dish, food, cuisine, meal, produce, Having a nice salad with your pizza will make you fuller first, which will help you stick to portions and be more mindful and in control of your eating. Not to mention, you'll probably feel a lot less guilty about eating it!

What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Will you try any of these ideas for making it healthier?

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I don't like pizza 😐

No matter what type of pizza it is i tend to overeat on pizza. Its soooo good

I love hawaiian pizza

Read the title and immediately thought "Go on..."

I haven't eaten a "regular" slice of pizza in almost a year. I'll only eat a whole wheat crust pizza with veggies and low-fat cheese (when I don't skip the cheese). I'd rather be a happy size 2 than eat something that's going to change that to a bigger size.

Mine is chicken breast and avocado. I actually make my own pizza so there really isn't any grease✌🏾

I always blot the grease off! But if you are eating pizza once in a while you should enjoy it unless you are HARDCORE DIETING!

Make my pizza on pita's high in fiber, low in fat and tastes like a thin crust pizza when its done baking. Very good!

@Googlyeyes....Damn!! You must be young with a great metabolism! I was like that too, pretty much, but had pizza once a week, not twice. It was always Friday night's dinner growing up.

Great ideas. I just have a quarter of a pizza with salad yum yum

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