How to Detox 🀒 from That Huge Calorie πŸ•πŸŸπŸŽ‚ Bomb πŸ’£ ...

We all find ourselves indulging in a huge calorie bomb once in awhile. Whether it was a family dinner, an office party or one too many pieces of Grandma’s πŸ‘΅ fudge, it happens. The key here is to detox from a poor diet choice and get back on track. Here’s how you do that.

1. Forgive Yourself

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You’re not going to get very far into detoxing from a calorie bomb until you forgive yourself for it. If you don’t, you’re holding yourself back from moving past it. Feeling guilty for a poor diet choice can actually lead to making more poor choices. This’s because you can have a mentality of wondering what it matters if you make a few more poor choices. Forgive yourself and move past it.

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