7 Reasons Why You Need More Potatoes in Your Diet ...


7 Reasons Why You Need More Potatoes  in Your Diet ...
7 Reasons Why You Need More Potatoes  in Your Diet ...

Potatoes aren’t the bad guy they’ve been made out to be. In fact, potatoes can be a pretty healthy addition to your meal plan if you eat them in moderation. Not only do they taste just about as good as any food can taste, but potatoes are easy to work with and inexpensive so you can stock up anytime you get a craving. Want to know more? Keep reading and you’ll be ready for a potato before you get to the end.

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Potatoes Are Full of Potassium

dish, food, produce, plant, breakfast, Bananas aren’t the only way to get your daily dose of potassium. Potatoes are rich in this nutrient, making them an outstanding choice when you’re tired of bananas. Your body needs potassium to regulate blood pressure so skimping on it can be pretty dangerous. In fact, if your potassium dips too low, you run the risk of suffering from heart troubles as serious as a heart attack.


You Can Balance Your Calorie Intake

dish, food, meal, french fries, breakfast, Potatoes are relatively low in calories, with only about 150 in a medium potato. That’s pretty reasonable as a side dish so go ahead and enjoy a baked potato with your dinner tonight. Be careful not to use too much butter and other cooking fats when you prepare potatoes or the calorie count will be significantly higher.


Boost Heart Health when You Eat Potatoes

food, dish, junk food, produce, cuisine, There are several ways that potatoes can help your ticker. They contain fiber, which works to slough excess cholesterol from your bloodstream, lowering your risk of developing heart disease. At the same time, potatoes are low in cholesterol in the first place, so enjoying them is a great idea if you’re watching your intake.


Potatoes Build Strong, Healthy Bones

dish, food, meal, breakfast, cuisine, Who knew that something besides milk could be so good for your bones? Turns out potatoes contain several nutrients that promote a strong skeleton. That includes magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium and zinc. Keeping your bones in good shape makes life easier and lowers your risk of bone related issues, from brittleness to osteoporosis, now and as you get older.


Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

food, dish, meal, breakfast, produce, Potatoes contain fiber, which is an important nutrient if you’re trying to shed some pounds. Fiber fills you up and keeps you feeling full longer, which is an easy way to help control your appetite so you don’t overeat. In addition, potatoes contain vitamin B6, which plays a role in a healthy metabolism, helping your body efficiently burn calories.


Get Gorgeous Skin by Eating Potatoes

food, dish, produce, vegetable, land plant, Vitamin C is another nutrient you can get from potatoes. You need it because it promotes healthy collagen production, which is important for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best. Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant, which means it can counteract free radical damage that can lead to the signs of aging as well as skin cancer. Who knew keeping your skin looking lovely could taste so great?


Potatoes Are Totally Versatile and Easy to Prepare

food, dish, produce, plant, vegetable, There are tons of things you can do with potatoes, which means you’ll never get bored eating them. Thinly slice and bake potatoes then toss them into salads in place of croutons. Serve grilled chicken or steak on a bed of mashed potatoes. Or enjoy a baked potato with steamed broccoli and cheese at lunchtime.

What’s your favorite way to eat potatoes? Did you know they could be so good for you?

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Potatoes get a bad reputation because of how they are typically prepared and the fact that people do not portion control their serving sizes. Eating one medium sized potato is equivalent three slices of bread, because they are carbohydrates though

Over all, this article failed to mention that there are surely worse foods than potatoes, but you should monitor how much you eat, how it's prepared, and what you eat it with

So happy to see someone writing the good about potatoes! I am so team potato!!

Also potatoes are digested differently. They spike your blood sugar (as it should to give you Energy) but shortly after you're left feeling hungry again.

So if you are watching your carb intake, be aware of that.

Finally someone preaching about potatoes! Potatoes are your friends! Starches and carbs are your friends! Your body runs on glucose. If carbs were bad if be obese. THANK YOU!

I usually hear the oposite about potatoes . Intresting🤔

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