A Girl's Guide to Vegan Protein Sources for Those Taking on a Healthier Lifestyle ...


A Girl's Guide to Vegan Protein  Sources for Those Taking on a Healthier Lifestyle ...
A Girl's Guide to Vegan Protein  Sources for Those Taking on a Healthier Lifestyle ...

A few days ago I was casually chilling at my friends house. Her little cousin (who is about 6) was running around offering sausages to everyone. When he finally came to me, my friend quickly said: "She does not eat that, she only eats plants". The kid looked at me and after a while proclaimed: "Aaaaah! Like those long neck dinosaurs. Unfortunately they are all dead now."

In that instant I thought about two things: 1. This kid is a legend 2. Vegans would actually go extinct if they wouldn't know how to eat a balanced vegan diet. The "most difficult" (which is not even that difficult) thing to find in a plant based diet is protein.

In this post I'll try to make this "difficult" thing super easy by giving you a guide to some awesome, plant-based and tasty protein sources.

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Spirulina (4 Grams of Protein in One Tablespoon)

plant, soil, leaf, herb, produce, Alright, adding powdered seaweed into your smoothie might sound like a suspicious idea. But if you have heard of spirulina you'll get the hype. Besides the fact that it is incredibly high in protein, it is also a complete amino acid source, and adds 80 percent of your daily iron needs.


Peanut Butter (8 Grams of Protein in 2 Table Spoons)

food, dish, dessert, produce, baked goods, Peanut butter is one of those foods that I could eat all day every day. It goes well with pretty much anything, on bread, in smoothies, with your fruit, in/on/around your cake, there is really no reason not to have peanut butter. Peanut butter for president.


Chickpeas (19 Grams of Protein in 100 Grams)

food, produce, plant, vegetable, dish, Chickpeas are rather great in my opinion, partially because I am obsessed with hummus and falafel. Besides being the main ingredient in the great gift of hummus and falafel, chickpeas can also be used in salads, chili's, curries and many more dishes.


Quinoa (13 Grams of Protein in 100 Grams)

food, crop, produce, grass family, agriculture, Quinoa is a seed-like grain that is way more than just a great source of protein. It is a rich source of magnesium, fiber and antioxidants and it is also gluten free! Quinoa can be used in many different ways; you can cook it and add to your salad, stir-fry it or bake it!


Lentils (9 Grams of Protein in 100 Grams)

produce, plant, crop, food, spice mix, Lentils are a go-to protein of many vegans. It is a great source of protein and fiber, and it is super cheap too. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for those struggling with student life and budgeting. So take my advice and hit the supermarket to get yourself some lentils.


Tofu (8 Grams of Protein in 100 Grams)

food, dairy product, produce, dish, vegetable, Tofu is another great protein source to your list. There is a huge variety of ways to cook and season tofu. From breakfasts, to dinners and deserts, there are thousands recipes you can experiment with. And ever since my recent obsession with PokeBowls tofu is my go-to source of protein.


Edamame (11 Grams of Protein in 100 Grams)

food, produce, vegetable, plant, pea, Back to my obsession with PokeBowls; Edamame is also one of my favorite ingredients to add. Edamame can often be found in Japanese restaurants as a side dish, and boy is that green bean fine. Luckily it is not only found in Japanese restaurants, but also in your local supermarket. Basically, no reason not to add it to your diet.


Chia Seeds (5 Grams in 2 Tablespoons)

food, grass family, produce, crop, whole grain, Besides being rich in protein, chia seeds are a great source of omega-3, which is mostly found in fatty fish. You are vegan though, so no fish for you my friend! Chia seeds are a superfood with many health benefits besides being high in protein. I am talking about magnesium, potassium, dietery fiber and many more of that good stuff.


Tempeh (19 Grams of Protein in 100 Grams)

food, grass family, dessert, breakfast, produce, Tempeh is another source of protein any vegan should know about. It is a fermented form of soy which is rich in probiotics and is easy to digest. From baked dishes to stir-fries and salads, there are a whole lot of options when it comes to tempeh.


Almonds (6 Grams of Protein in a Handful)

food, produce, plant, nuts & seeds, land plant, This delicious nut is associated with many health benefits. It promotes bone health, clear skin, regulates blood pressure and many more. You can add some almonds to your granola, have some almond butter or just have a handful as a healthy snack.

There you go! With these sources of protein you're chances of going extinct like the long-neck-dinosaur are pretty much non existent. Guess you don't need sausages to up your protein intakes after all.


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