10 Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting the Budget ...


10 Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting the Budget ...
10 Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting the Budget ...

Lose weight cheaply – a statement that will raise few eyebrows for sure, as weight loss is not known as a cheap exercise. It is though, possible to lose weight cheaply; you just have to be a bit creative and of course, determined. If you want to lose weight economically, here are 10 Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting the Budget:

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So often we are tired from work, we have done all the shopping, all the cooking, sat down to dinner, and now the last bit of energy we had has completely gone. The urge to just tip those last few spoons of pasta and veggies into the bin is attractive as all you can think of now is being horizontal. Take the time to spoon it all into separate dishes and put it in the fridge, you will be so happy tomorrow when you don’t have time to make yourself lunch and you can just dress up the leftovers for a healthy meal.


Cook Bigger Portions

You may be wondering why this is on the list, I mean are we not supposed to make smaller portions? Yes, eat smaller portions, but make bigger ones. In a busy lifestyle when you are working and running a home, there is no longer time to prepare dinner or lunches in advance. You often find yourself out of sheer exhaustion, stopping at the store on the way home and grabbing a few frozen pizzas for dinner, which is not a way to help you lose weight inexpensively. Cook extra helpings the night before, and then just heat it up for lunch the next day, or even dinner the night after.


Meat Free Mondays

Food is really not cheap anymore, and these days meat has become a luxury in the family home, especially for free range and organic meat products. A good way to lose weight on a budget would be to introduce one or even two days a week that are meat free. Embrace pulses and beans or make baked potatoes with veggie fillings. Invest in a really good vegetable/vegetarian cookbook and you’ll be surprised how many brilliant, tasty and healthy, and of course, cheap, dishes are possible. Your family will enjoy the creativity and the kids can even start helping with the preparation.


Cheap Workouts

Joining a gym is not always the most practical option when losing weight thriftily; you will have to actually get there and the joining fees can initially be high. Why not take advantage of all the free exercise channels they offer on cable TV? Lots of different workouts, from yoga to cardio to stretching, and you can work out in the comfort of your own home, while the kids do their homework, and while your supper is on the stove.


Buy Fresh

It can be very enticing when going to the grocery store to buy those pretty little steamer bags full of colourful vegetables. In actual fact losing weight on a budget requires you to eat lots of vegetables, so the small handful of chopped up butternut is hardly going to get you to your quota. Rather, buy fresh from the grocer, or if you can get to a Farmers Market even better. Prepare your fresh veggies yourself; you can get double the amount for half the price when you buy fresh.


Check Your Prices

Often we make the mistake of buying smaller packets of items in the store, because when we glance at the price we think we are getting a good deal. But, if you take the time to compare the unit price of a smaller packet with the unit price of the bigger one, you will find in almost all the cases that you are paying way more for a smaller packaged item than the larger counterpart. Save your money and check the fine print on the labels.


Diet Food

Ah the ever booming diet food industry - diet soft drinks, diet breakfast cereal, diet bread and even diet ice cream. At the end of the day those products are full of additives and have way less nutrients that their full fat buddies on the shelf. I mean have you tasted diet ice cream? No wonder people on a diet are always miserable. Instead of wasting money on ‘diet alternatives’, incorporate nice treats in moderation, and don’t spend your money on expensive fad products just because they have the word diet on them.


Ride or Walk to Work

It is not always possible, but if you live close to work, why not hang your car keys up and get on your bicycle to get to work? Or if you can, walk to work, for one, you will be in such a good mood when you get to the office, because you were not sitting in traffic or waiting in lines to get on the bus, and you will save lots of money on traveling expenses to get to and from work. Not to mention that extra bit of cardio work out you are getting for free – major advantage when you want to lose weight cheaply.


Plan Ahead

Many of us, because of our busy lives, wait until we are hungry to think about what we are going to eat for lunch, or what we feel like eating. When you are already hungry, you are not exactly craving a veggie roll, you are more after carbs, high fat foods and well, whatever you see first really. Off we head to the take away and blow our diet and our budget. Take some leftover food from dinner, or make your lunch before you go to work. Plan your meals in advance and this will help you lose weight on a budget.


Get the Family Involved

Losing weight can be a huge lifestyle change and if you don’t have the support of your family at home, it can be that much harder. These are changes that you will have to make for the rest of your life, so don’t fall into the trap of making your family a separate non-diet meal every night. Make healthy meal options for the entire family and it will soon become a way of life.

Losing weight cheaply can be successful. A bit of forward planning can help you lose weight on a budget and instil some worthwhile lifestyle changes that continue even after those excess pounds have been shed.

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