17 Ways to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite for Girls Who Get Cravings ...

By Neecey

17 Ways to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite for Girls Who Get Cravings ...

Dealing with cravings is a challenge. Cravings are either a result of a lack of a certain or group of nutrients or an emotional response. Cravings are also different for every individual. Sometimes you crave sweet, sometimes savory or you might crave something specific. One thing I can definitely say is to not turn to synthetic appetite suppressants. Instead, choose from this list of best natural food appetite suppressants and filling low-calorie snacks.

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Drinks Lots of Water to Stay Hydrated

distilled beverage, jewellery, You be surprised at just how often a person thinks they are hungry, but in fact they are slightly dehydrated and their thirst is manifesting itself as hunger. The more hydrated you are, the less cravings you will experience.


Eat More Protein to Feel Fuller for Longer

food, dish, steak, meat, produce, Despite popular belief, healthy protein actually leaves you feeling fuller for longer, much more than carbohydrates. Also, having enough protein in your body is a signal for your body to focus on burning fat.


Avoid Insulin Spikes to Keep Your Appetite at Bay

clothing, hair, image, black hair, leg, Too much insulin in the body can cause fat gain and inflammation, which inadvertently triggers feelings of hunger. You can control this by taking notice of your carb intake.


All Data Suggests That Exercise Controls Appetite

clothing, footwear, leather, shoe, thigh, In case you didn’t know, exercise is pretty brilliant! Not only does it actually help you to lose weight, it also works double fold to produce natural appetite suppressants within your body.


Don’t Skip Meals. It Slows Your Metabolism

dish, meal, eating, food, brunch, If your metabolism is too slow, you won’t digest food and burn calories at a fast enough rate. Don’t skip meals, because you just end up getting super hungry and overindulging later on in the day.

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Make Sure You Eat at Regular Intervals Throughout the Day

meal, dish, food, produce, breakfast, As well as not going long periods of time without eating, you should really be trying to get in to a regular routine of leaving long periods between meals. Your body will get used to the pattern and won’t make you crave so much.


Eat Slower to Feel More Food Satisfaction

automobile, vehicle, auto show, girl, photo shoot, If you scoff your meal down in two minutes, it’s very likely that you are going to be left unsatisfied and want to eat even more. Take your time and savor your food, your body will thank you!


Eat Lots of Healthy Fiber ‘Cos It Fills You up

meal, dish, food, lunch, breakfast, Things like fruit, vegetables and nuts are perfect healthy snacks that will give you lots of nutrition and make you feel fuller than junk food, leading to less cravings later in the day.


Don’t Believe the Hype and Eat Unsaturated Fats

meal, produce, food, plant, fruit, ‘Fat’ has become a bad word, but it’s only the saturated fats that you should be avoiding, not the natural unsaturated fats. They are good for your body, make you feel full, and can prevent things like heart disease.


Fill Yourself up with Water-Rich Foods

produce, plant, food, fruit, ananas, A good trick is to eat plenty of foods that have a high water content like celery, cucumber, peaches and oranges. They are all really healthy and make your feel fuller because of the liquid.


A Handful of Almonds Can Curb Hunger

food, produce, vegetable, dessert, Recent studies have shown to prove that 1.5 ounces of almonds every day can help to suppress your appetite without adding the burden of any significant calories.


Learn to Focus Your Mind with Meditation

photograph, human action, portrait photography, beauty, sea, You should not underestimate the power of meditation. Training your mind can help to suppress your appetite, as cravings often come from things like boredom rather than actual hunger.


Drink Green Tea for a Healthy Suppressant Effect

clothing, physical fitness, active undergarment, underpants, abdomen, Whereas some things like diet sodas can suppress your appetite in an unhealthy way, drinking green tea has the same effect but doesn’t come with any of the potential health risks. Just a good old-fashioned detox!


Eggs for Breakfast Will Leave You Feeling Fuller

meal, dish, food, bento, lunch, You can cook eggs in a variety of different delicious ways, so you will be able to suppress your appetite for the rest of the morning without getting bored of breakfast every day.


Pop a Mint for an Appetite Suppressing Taste

plant, alcoholic beverage, produce, drink, distilled beverage, It is a fact that the strong taste of mint can interfere with your smell/taste connection and get rid of food cravings that are not necessarily associated with true hunger.


Start to Socialize to Put Your Mind off Food!

clothing, model, sunglasses, fashion, photo shoot, Have you noticed that you don’t tend to have as many food cravings when you are out and about with friends? Take your mind off of food by socializing whenever you can.


Have Sex!

major appliance, kitchen, home appliance, cook, The best cure for a craving ever? An orgasm! Unless of course you are one of those who get hungry after sex. All that bedroom action and the resulting endorphins will certainly take your mind off food.

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