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7 Genius Ways to Digging in and Staying Healthy for Girls on Their Own Journey ...

By Tara

If you want to dig in the healthy way you need to start off your meal with a glass of water, relax, sit down and have your own elegant dining experience at every meal. To monitor your portion size, eat on a salad plate and enjoy plenty of greens to nourish your body. Simple tips like staying focused on your meal, turning off your tv and getting into savoring every bite can help you to stay on track to a healthy lifestyle. So dig in the healthy way, making choices to better your health and have an awesome life!

1 Start with a Glass of Water

human action, eating, meal, sense, breakfast, Start your meal with a glass of water to fill your stomach and aid digestion. This will also help you to avoid overeating and dig in the healthy way. Add lemon slices to your water to eliminate bloating and also add some vitamins! Relax and enjoy!

2 Eat on a Salad Plate

food, dish, vegetable, produce, leaf vegetable, To help eat the proper portion and not go overboard, eat on a salad plate. By choosing to eat on a salad plate you will most certainly not overeat and you will feel better as a result. So dig in the healthy way by eating on a smaller plate. And make new healthier habits, like not overeating at meal time.

3 Sit down

human action, eating, meal, lunch, sense, One of the biggest mistakes people make at meal time is standing while eating. If you are standing you will be distracted, definitely not relaxed and as a result may lose track of how much you are eating. So portion out your meal and savor each and every bite the healthy way by sitting. Enjoy meal time as a time to relax think of the day and enjoy.

4 Eat Plenty of Greens

food, dish, salad, tostada, produce, Eat plenty of greens to fill up your stomach the healthy way and stay on track to your goals. Because of the phytonutrients in greens, you will fight cancer, lower your risk of disease and better your health. So dig into your greens and live the healthy life you deserve! I promise you will feel better and never finish a meal feeling like you overate.

5 Stay Focused

photograph, lady, sitting, beauty, fashion, Focus on each and every bite of your meal and savor each bite by turning off your media devices like phone or ipad. If you focus you will be less likely to overeat and you will finish your meal feeling super satisfied. So get in the zone and enjoy your meal!

6 Turn off the Tv

hair, clothing, dress, black hair, leg, Have you ever watched a movie with a bag of chips on your lap and finished the movie to wonder where the chips went? Mindless eating is the answer. If you are distracted watching TV you may not even realize how much you just ate. So avoid eating amnesia by focusing on your meal! And never lose track of how much you ate again.

7 Have Conversation

vacation, meal, resort, Get into your mealtime by socializing with a nice conversation. Conversing can help you to enjoy the dining experience and dig in the healthy way, avoiding overeating. So enjoy the meal, discuss topics that relax you.

So dig in the healthy way by adopting new health habits that encourage you to not overeat, get into your meal and achieve your goals. Are you ready to eat for your health and lifelong happiness?

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