8 Reasons Your Man May Not like You Dieting ...


8 Reasons Your Man May Not like You Dieting ...
8 Reasons Your Man May Not like You Dieting ...

Reasons to not diet? I’m kidding right? Surely, there can’t be any reasons to not diet, other than to avoid eating disorders? Most women have been on a diet at some point or another and it can be hard work to shift the pounds. If you are overweight, losing weight for the sake of your health is a great idea, but dieting just to get into an unrealistically sized outfit could have your man running for cover. Here are the reasons to not diet from your man’s point of view.

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Curvy Curves Cravings

A lot of men adore curvy women! When you lose weight, you may lose the shape that your man loves, and though you may worry that your man is scrutinising your body, he may be more disappointed if you lose the curves that he liked all along. Be healthy, but remember that men often don’t admire size zero and skinny women as much as we think they do and this is the one of the best reasons not to diet.


Missing out on Meal Times

Sharing meals and meal times can be a great thing to bring couples together and this alone is one of the reasons not to diet. In this hectic world, getting to sit down together for a meal can be the only real quality time you get with your partner, so if you are on a specialized diet and can’t eat at the same time or you’re eating something that you both can’t enjoy, dinner can become a disaster. Preparing two different meals can also be tricky in the kitchen with more washing up and the sheer hassle of separate meals can become a sore point with partners, and if your partner has to eat what you are eating too, this may become a problem too.


Celebrate Good Times

A lot of restaurants have the calorie count and fat content on the menu these days but if you go out for a celebratory meal, will your man really appreciate you munching on a small salad as he tucks into a three course meal? One of the reasons for not dieting is that many men like to watch a lady really relish her food and if you are sticking to a strict diet, a tiny portion of food that you don’t really enjoy, may render the evening a bit of a wash out for your partner.


Shared Food Passions

Are you about to take out your partner’s take-out? If you are staying away from take-out, your man may feel guilty if he hankers after a yummy curry or a calorie and fat laden pizza. Taking take-out off the menu could lead to a grumpy man. While we all know that take-outs all the time are a bad idea, abandoning the once in a while treat may become a source of friction between you. Definitely one of the reasons to not go on a diet.



Do you find yourself obsessing over calorie counts? Talking about weight loss constantly or the latest fad diets? Do you suck through your teeth disapprovingly when a friend or your partner tucks into a juicy burger? You may just be becoming what you never wanted to be – obsessed with your diet. If someone asks you how you are losing weight or how much you have lost, then a full diet conversation may just be called for. If you’re looking for more reasons to not diet, a woman constantly telling them how much fat is in their favorite foods or talking about weight loss could be a bit of a turn off and while it is important to have dedication throughout a diet, don’t allow it to take over your entire life.


Missing out on Nights out

Popping out for a drink could be off the menu as you try to cut alcohol out of your life to shape up, but your man may miss his drinking buddy. If you like the odd glass of wine, going to the pub and just having a soft drink can make you feel a little left out and your partner may feel that he has to cut down as well, or just drink soft drinks too and this can put a little pressure on you both.



It may feel great to exercise but if you are spending a lot of time at the gym or out for a jog then eventually your man may start to feel a little neglected. Exercising is fine in moderation both for your body and your relationship, but don’t overwork yourself, and don’t spend more time at the gym, than with your partner. You can keep in trim and eat healthily without constant attendance at the gym or going on a diet. And remember to let your hair down sometimes!



The shopping trip – most men dread it. If you are a yo-yo dieter, you probably have to drag your man shopping more times than he would ever wish. If you change shape regularly, a new wardrobe may just be called for and for the majority of men - regular clothes shopping can be stressful. Let’s face it, men may just about put up with our love of shoes but having to clothes shop on a regular basis is going to test the patience of most of them, especially if a lot of money is being spent and this itself is one of the reasons not to diet.

Don’t get me wrong! When suggesting these reasons for not dieting, I am not in any way saying that you work on your body image solely to please your man, or not as the case may be. The point is, that when in a relationship, your dieting choices can have an impact on your partner. As women we probably only see the extra pounds and do not give much thought to how our partner sees us. The reasons to not diet should be considered as much as the reasons for dieting. Don’t you think?

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Honestly, I don't care. There's a fine line between curvy and fat. Kim K is curvy, me, well, I was fat. But I did it for my health, and I ate healthy, that's all that should matter.

This is a ridiculous article, surely if you need to loose weight, you need to loose weight regardless of what any man thinks. whether it is for health reasons or to up your confidence it is whatever makes YOU feel good. I hate articles like this, cosmo do it a lot, it's down to you and what makes you feel good and confident about yourself. Seriously, can you imagine realising you need to loose weight and going 'er actually I'm not going to loose weight and get healthy because "my man" won't be able to cope with me going to gym and having a salad instead of a takeaway'. Honestly who thinks like this?? Ladies, if you want/need to get healthier, do it for you.

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