9 Ways to Overcome Your Diet Obsessions ...


9 Ways to Overcome Your Diet Obsessions ...
9 Ways to Overcome Your Diet Obsessions ...

Permanent dieting is just no way to live, and if you’ve been a victim of this, perhaps you need a reminder of some ways to overcome your diet obsessions, despite living in a diet obsessed society. Counting, measuring, weighing and worrying your life away is just no fun, nor is it healthy, despite what anyone says! The better thing to do instead of diet is just focus on the quality of your foods, not their caloric content. I’ve got some fantastic ways to overcome your diet obsessions that I’ve had to learn myself throughout the years, and hope that some of you will benefit from these. Remember, dieting is not living, so like any other nasty habit - quit now!

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Eliminate Information Overload

It is almost impossible to get on a computer, read a magazine, or even visit the hair salon without hearing or seeing a new way to get thin quick, but one of the first ways to overcome your diet obsessions is to eliminate all this information overload. I know you can’t lock yourself up away from the world, but start small. Stop reading so many fitness magazines for a while. Try reading fewer blogs regarding weight loss, even articles regarding weight loss. I know this is technically one you probably turned to for weight loss tips, but truly, you’ve got to stop searching for the latest way to lose weight. Doing so is not helping you, and only making you more confused.


Nothing’s Perfect

The next thing I would advise anyone to do, is to realize that no diet out there is going to be perfect - none of them! Each diet works one way for one person, and a completely different way for someone else. Realize that diets aren’t made for everyone. They’re just a customized plan of what worked for one or more people.


Put Your Health First

Instead of putting your weight loss goals at the top of your list, how about putting your health up there instead? Focus on getting a healthier heart, moving your body, and eating the best quality food you can. Put dieting on the backburner to health and you’ll quit being so obsessed with your weight, once and for all.


Get Rid of the Scale

I’m serious ladies, I want you to throw that scale away! Scales can be helpful for times where someone is extremely overweight, and needs to lose weight, keeping a measurement of where they’re at. Yet, for someone who’s not losing weight for medical reasons, or if they’re not truly overweight, the scale can become an unnecessary, unhealthy obsession. The reason why, is it puts you out of touch with your body, and more focused on numbers. Instead of living by a scale, just start eating healthier choices, and eat when you’re 80% full. This is the best way to stay in touch with your body. It knows best, not a number on a scale, which can change day to day from water weight and hormonal fluctuations.


Quit Buying Diet Food

Please stop buying those diet bars and products. Pretty please! They are just trouble, and constantly program your brain into thinking they’re healthy foods. Most of these products are made of GMOs, thyroid-disturbing processed soy, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, have a lot of excess sodium, and don’t even really resemble real food when you get down to it. Instead of buying diet food, just start buying real food. Your body and brain will thank you for it, over and over again.


Quit Reading so Much

I know I already touched on this, but it is worth repeating. If you’ve been reading diet books, please stop now! You can’t end your diet obsession if you’re constantly jumping on board the next diet book that hits the market. Again, what works for one person is not the holy grail of weight loss.


Remember Skinny Doesn’t Mean Happy

Is being bone thin really going to make you happy? Even losing 5 pounds, is that really going to change your life? No. Yes, it may change your jean size, but it won’t change your relationship with your body, unless you’re struggling with overeating. If you are struggling with overeating, then I suggest eating healthier foods until you’re 80% full. Don’t concentrate on calories, but instead, listening to your body, and stopping. There’s always time to eat later, but don’t stuff your emotions away with your food. Being skinny doesn’t make you happy, but food doesn’t either. It just tricks you into thinking it will.


Focus on Goals

Take the focus off how many calories you’re eating, and instead, focus on some goals you have in your life right now, outside of your weight. What things would you like to achieve? Anything that you’re really wanting to get done that you’ve put to the backburner lately? Start focusing on those, and pay less attention to losing weight, or dieting at all. If you need to lose weight, then fine, but don’t let a healthy weight loss plan become an obsession. Plan your meals, and instead of spending tons of time or thought about your diet, focus on some goals you have, and most likely, the weight will balance itself out.


Be Social

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to stop being diet obsessed is to be more social. Living is what life is about, not dieting. Yes, you should make the healthiest choices you can, but making those choices is also about living each day to the fullest, not clocking in a certain amount of calories. Spending time with friends and family will make you happier than any weight will, and will most likely take your mind off your weight, helping you to achieve the best weight for you. When we focus on our lives, we naturally listen to our body and its cues, but when we become obsessed with diets, we take that focus away, and instead, try to tell our bodies what they need. Being social and being with people can help make you happier, and help you listen more to your body, instead of a diet book or trend.

If you’re struggling with being diet obsessed, I hope these tips have helped a bit. I’m sure you have many more that I might enjoy too, so be sure to share those with me! What’s your best tip for overcoming your diet obsessions?

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Getting rid of the scales is the most useful technique and makes me happier when I workout:)

Watch a few medical programs, real life E R. You'll soon be grateful that your body problems are nothing compared to what some have to contend with. Learn to appreciate what you have.

good tips

Excellent article, thank you for sublimating all the problems I am facing, and giving some simple, smart ideas!

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