14 Fab Ways to Prevent Overeating for Girls Who Know the Struggle ...


14 Fab Ways to Prevent Overeating for Girls Who Know the Struggle ...
14 Fab Ways to Prevent Overeating for Girls Who Know the Struggle ...

Although I am a third year biology major, some of the ideas I give you have not been tested, number 1 for example is just something I’ve found useful. Just remember, within your body, a continuous flux of chemical reactions take place and they are easily affected by the littlest things. As females, our feelings really influence our willingness to do stuff. The key is admitting it and working from there. I’ve found that not overeating is more about keeping myself undepressed than anything else. So this list contains a little bit of both.

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Buy a Lot of Vegetables

Trust me, you’re going to need a lot. What I do is, before I eat anything, I boil (yes, boil) tons of veggies, plop down and eat till I’m almost full, and then I eat what I wanted to in the first place. Seriously, any time you want to eat, remember this.



To increase metabolism, green tea and gingseng tea (infused with ginkgo) are essential. I do both in the mornings, and 3 more green tea cups during the day.



Seriously Cassie Ho is life. She’ll help you get a smaller belly which will go a long way towards making you feel full faster. Go easy and start with the beginner stuff. Also, Popilates has an online community you’ll love. Once you’re all set, do the HIIT.


Fabulous App

Voted app of the year and programmed with the help of behavioral psychologists, this is something you cannot pass up on. It’s free. You must must must get this. While you’re at it, take the time to practice your laugh and your walk, maybe even the way you talk.
Find the Fabulous App here thefabulous.co


Find Some Inspiration

When I read ‘The Art Of Seduction’ by Robert Greene (if you’re under 16, I recommend ‘Handling Boys’ by Susanna Lohse), I get inspired. Gossip Girl also works for me (don’t judge the source of muse). So yeah, books and TV series will help.


Do a Makeover

Or buy lingerie to wear everyday. Stockings also make you feel more desirable.


Listen to Music More

Proven to make you happier.


Read More

You absolutely must read ‘The Jelly Bean’ and ‘Winter Dreams’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nick Hornby’s hilarious, Sidney Sheldon never has an ending you can anticipate and Kate Furnivall.. I think I’ll let her mastery speak for itself. Ever read ‘Huckleberry Finn’ or ‘Tim Sooner Round the Corner’? How about ‘The Third Man’ by Graham Greene or ‘Getting Rid of Matthew’ by Jane Fallon (oh please read ‘Getting Rid of Matthew’). Who knows what might be right up your alley? Maybe ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Fools Die’ or ‘Eleanor and Park’? (If you never bother with anything else, good God read Eleanor and Park).


TED Talks

I’m willing to bet you money you’ll be impressed after each one. Just try 3, pretty please.


Sleep Rules

8 hours of sleep, no food 3 hours before sleep. No caffeine after 4pm. These increase testosterone output which helps with your metabolism.



A teaspoon in the morning should do the trick. NEVER go past 2 tablespoons a day. Look it up, love.



Seriously, since every article has this, maybe it’s time to start paying attention, yeah? And OWN A BOTTLE. Always refill and keep it with you at all times. Try drinking with straws (yes, from your bottle). Silly maybe, but effective.


Random Foods You Might Want to Eat Every Day

Ever wondered why mothers in every cartoon show are unyielding in the struggle to stuff their offspring with broccoli? Look it up. While you’re at it, look up fish oil, tuna, ginger, lemon juice and zinc supplements. The breakfast of champions, I’m told includes oats, peanut butter, molasses and a banana so look up some recipes while you’re at it


Use a Perfume with Natural Scents

Somewhere on this very website is an article about those called 11 Most Attractive Scents To Men That Will Bring Them To Their Knees. It is important that you read it.

Remember, you’re a woman. Little things matter. It’s just how your brain’s wired. How you smell, sound, your posture, your clothes, what you’ve achieved today, they’re being processed in your background and affecting how you feel and as a result, highly likely, how much you eat.

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