Popular Diet Foods That Are Sneakily Loaded with Calories ...

By Alicia

 Popular Diet Foods That Are Sneakily Loaded with Calories ...

There are many foods that are hailed to be diet foods, but they’re loaded with calories. Some of them do have many health benefits but if you’re watching your calorie count then they’re not the best choices. They can quickly max you out on your daily calorie count. It’s always good to know the calories of what you’re eating.

1 Nuts

Nuts are actually very high in calories. Just a handful of them can land you around 200 calories. But they truly do offer you vitamins and minerals your body needs. It’s important to know the best way to eat them. Choose to garnish your salad or yogurt with them instead of munching on them like popcorn. The small serving size is what you really have to pay attention to here.

2 Smoothies

Smoothies can go one of two ways. They can actually be very low cal and have tons of healthy stuff your body needs or they can have only a bit of good for you stuff and be loaded with sugar. The best way to make sure your smoothie stays low cal is to make it yourself so you know exactly what goes into it. Swap out regular milk for lower calorie almond milk and add in spinach or other greens to give you vitamins without added calories. Sweeten it with your favorite calorie free sweetener.

3 Granola

I love granola and can munch my way into hundreds of calories if I’m not careful. It can pack a punch of calories, some brands more than others. It’s great for a topping for your low fat sundae or yogurt, but you probably don’t want to have a bowl of it as a snack. You can have low calorie granola if you make it yourself. A few tweaks in the recipe can give you a guilt-free pleasure.

4 Red Meat

Red meat is important and offers you protein, iron and other important nutrients. It has a place in every diet. But if you’re watching your calories then you probably don’t want to choose it too often. Fish and poultry are much lower in calorie count. If it’s a burger you’re craving, try having a lean turkey burger instead.

5 Peanut Butter

I think that the older I get, the more I love this stuff. I could eat peanut butter every day and never tire of it. But just 2 tablespoons is around 200 calories. However, I’ve discovered a little trick that still lets me enjoy a bit of this delectable spread every now and then. Melt it just a bit and it’ll go much further. You can cover the same amount of bread with half the peanut butter if you melt it a little.

6 Guacamole

Many of you will be sad to read this. Yes, guacamole has an avocado base, which is a vegetable. But it’s a vegetable that has 234 calories per cup. Trade your guac in for salsa. You’ll be getting a fraction of the calories and all the flavor.

7 Diet Cakes, Candy and Ice Cream

Be careful when it comes to diet cakes, candy and ice cream. Chances are that they aren’t as low cal as you think; the portions are just smaller. Many times you’re better off just having a regular treat and not overindulging. A treat that I love to enjoy is Ghirardelli chocolate. I’ve found that a higher quality treat is more satisfying than one that only tastes so-so.

These are 7 diet foods that can be deceptive when it comes to calories. Do you need to make changes in your diet plan? Which ones have been tripping you up?

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Anyone who's ready any of the latest research knows that ironically fat does not make you fat.

As they say, all in moderation

I hate it when people write articles that have no real backing. Fat makes you feel full and also makes for beautiful skin, hair and nails.

The peanut butter fact is not correct and I doubt many other facts there are incorrect as well.

Whoa !

Thanks for wonderful article on healthy diet. Ideas and tips shared by you are really effective and exciting. Healthy eating is one of the best things you can do to prevent and control health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure. Good tips.

Gd one

Counting calories is SO bad. Just eat freaking healthy. Calories and carbs are your friends. Pasta IS healthy.

I eat 3000 to 4000 cal a day so I usually indulged everyday

200 calories of nuts is way better than 200 calories of icecream.



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