7 Great Ways to Take on Veganism without Depriving Yourself of the Good Stuff ...


7 Great Ways to Take on Veganism  without Depriving Yourself of the Good Stuff ...
7 Great Ways to Take on Veganism  without Depriving Yourself of the Good Stuff ...

Following a vegan diet can be difficult if you are uncertain in just what to do and not sure how to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition. Are you skimping on iron, protein or Vitamin B12? And if you are, how can this be resolved? Before you throw in the towel and consider yourself destined to a lifetime of eating red meat and cheese; read about the ways you can follow a vegan diet without ever feeling deprived. You can be a vegan healthily and not feel nutrition deficient, but in order to do so, preparation, knowledge and planning is key!

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Eat Legumes

food, dish, produce, vegetable, salad, As long as you have three servings of legumes every day, you will meet adequate protein requirements. Without doing so, you will feel deprived and may even lack the long term energy for your workouts. So make sure you have adequate legumes, like nuts, beans and soy foods!


Become Familiar with New Recipes

meal, food, tableware, dish, dishware, There are countless websites dedicated to vegan recipes that can help you to ensure you get the adequate nutrition that you need and you will not feel like you are dieting! Being married to a man that was vegan for two years, I am well accustomed to all of these sites and I have to say most made vegan cooking simple. So be creative and prepare new vegan recipes!


Make Sure You Have Enough Fat in Your Diet

dish, food, breakfast, meal, ice cream, As you are creating all your healthy recipes it is not uncommon to drop weight and for most vegans this weight is a substantial amount. After all most vegan are running on plants alone. But it is important to ensure you are getting adequate fat in your diet. You can do so by enjoying peanut butter, nuts and seeds. This will help you to stay vegan without feeling deprived!


Increase Iron Absorption by Adding Food to Enhance

produce, natural foods, food, local food, marketplace, The largest reason people decide to throw in the towel on their vegan diet is due to low iron. But this is easily preventable if you eat plenty of beans and also increase your vitamin C. Increasing vitamin C will ensure that iron is properly stored in the body. Vitamins work together in synergy so nourish your body!


Avoid Processed Food

food, meal, dish, brunch, vegetarian food, One of the biggest pitfall for people that choose to become vegan is that they turn to a diet of convenience. There are countless packaged vegan products that are processed and can actually cause you to gain weight. Create your own vegan meals and snacks to better your health and ensure you do not join the list of weight gaining vegans!

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Prepare Vegan Snacks for on Hand and to Port with You

fruit, melon, food, watermelon, vegetarian food, To eliminate the feeling of food deprivation, make sure you always have vegan meals and snacks on hand. This will help you to avoid having to run out to buy a bunch of ingredients and nosh on snacks as you wait for the 6 bean soup to cook or standing in front of a vending machine searching for anything vegan. I enjoyed making granola bars and so many other portable vegan snacks that seriously saved the day on many occasion!


Add Any Nutrients You Are Missing

food, dish, vegetable, superfood, recipe, Visit your doctor every 2-3 months and have blood drawn to ensure you are not nutrient deficient. If you are lacking a vitamin, simply add a food rich in the nutrient to make up for the inadequacy. Stay on top of this for the first year or two years to be proactive and avoid getting ill.

So being vegan is totally doable. All you have to do is plan, become more informed and be creative with your vegan meals!

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@toni do you get what veganism is ?😂😂👏🏻

Fact: there is no physical nutritional value in a carnist diet, this dietis actually unhealthy. Most importantly animal agriculture tortures, rapes and murders millions of sentient animals every day. Kudos for your post! Go vegan, you won't miss a thing!

Can someone please help me I really want to become a vegan but I have no idea were to start what's allow to eat and what not

Blood work is to be done annually

The most important thing on a vegan diet is that you eat enough, since plant foods have a lot less calories than animal products. And please stop worrying about protein... As long as you eat enough you will get enough protein!

im confused. how can someone become vegan without giving up the good stuff (for example bacon, steak etc)

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