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I'm here to share some tips for including meal replacement shakes in your diet. Meal replacement shakes are a wonderful option to replace a meal with, especially if you want to control your weight and have a diverse diet. As there are many purposes, this article will focus on the weight loss aspect.

Can a breakfast or lunch shake really help you lose weight? Yes.

In a Diabetes Spectrum study, participants who replaced 2 meals a day with a shake, hot chocolate or soup lost 7.8 percent of their body weight after three months.

What are some tips for including meal replacement shakes in your diet?

1. Protein and Carbs

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The grams of protein in your shake should be higher or equal to the number of carbs. Your blood sugar won't crash and you'll be full.

2. On Hand

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Keep a few ready and stashed in your fridge for a healthy convenience.

3. Add a Side Salad

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Having a little struggle? Drink a shake with a side salad.

4. Great for a Snack

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Need a snack? A shake is ideal.

5. Before a Workout

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Fuel a workout with a shake.

6. Eat Your Dessert

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Want dessert? Have a shake!

7. Who Should NOT Use Meal Replacements?

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- A BMI of less than 25
- History of an eating disorder
- Pregnant or breastfeeding
- Teenagers or children
- Liver or kidney problems
- Diabetes
- Allergies or lactose intolerance

You should NOT forget REAL meals. It would probably be better to invest in those that cost a little more to make sure of a high quality. Want to know about every meal replacement on the market? Check out:

On the other hand, you still would like the benefits of meal replacements but want to make your own? Check out:

Finally, the meal replacement option can be as hard or as easy as you would like to make it. With the provided links, you can purchase the expensive or you can save around $50.00 and make your own. No more skipping breakfast and lunch, young lady! There is no stopping you now!


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