7 Ways to Tackle Eating out of Boredom ...


7 Ways to Tackle Eating out of Boredom ...
7 Ways to Tackle Eating out of Boredom ...

There are some simple ways to tackle boredom eating head on, to ensure those pounds don't start piling on without you even noticing. When the boredom beast visits, sometimes at the same time every day, our feet start to twitch and we can start indulging in some clandestine crunching. Over time, this will do damage to the waistline. Here are some ways to tackle boredom eating and keep the Cookie Monster from your door.

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Phone a Friend

So, you've eaten your lunch or your dinner and there should be no reason why you're still hungry, other than the fact that you have become so used to reaching for the biscuits at a certain time of the day. How about phoning a friend and having a chat. This will take your mind off the fact you think you're hungry and is one of the best ways to tackle boredom eating.



Going for a walk is another great tip. Getting out and about in the fresh outdoors will help you forget about food in no time. It doesn't have to be a power walk; you can just take it at a leisurely pace and let the fresh air work its magic. It doesn't have to stop with walking. How about a bike ride?



If you have tendency to succumb to boredom munching, then it's time to take up a hobby or three. Undertaking some arts and crafts will keep your mind occupied and help you unleash that creative genius which is just screaming to get out. There are so many arts and crafts you can indulge in, it's just a case of finding one which suits you. How about sewing, crocheting, knitting or painting. The possibilities are endless, but they'll ensure that your focus quickly goes from cookies to crafts.


Brain Gym

It's not just your body which is in need of a regular work out. How about treating your brain to some stretches and lunges in the form of a puzzle or two. There are numerous brain training games to help limber up your cerebellum, such as Lumosity. Try traditional puzzles such as Sudoku and crosswords. These will help you forget about the imaginary hunger pangs.


Read and Write

Jane Austen once said "there is no enjoyment like reading". Clearly she hadn't tasted my mom's amazing apple pie but I agree that reading is a special pastime. It is also another great way to keep your brain occupied. Writing is another great hobby. Make an addition to your journal or start up a blog and change your grazing routine to a writing and reading routine.



We often mistake thirst for hunger, so when you think you're hungry and in fact you're just bored, make yourself a soothing cup of herbal tea or drink a refreshing glass of water. You'll find that you will quickly feel full again and what you thought were hunger pangs were false alarms after all.


Change the Scene, Break the Routine

Boredom eating is often habit forming and it may be time to break the bad habit. Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and sitting in front of the TV is often equated with mindless munching. If you find that you have a certain routine, then it's time to change it and break it. If you find that you have a habit of munching on your favorite potato chips or candy bars at a certain time when you're vegetating in front of the TV, how about sitting in a different seat or even going to a different room. This change of routine can help you break the boredom eating habit.

Does you have a tendency to graze when you're feeling bored? How do you tackle it?

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Haha I think that you mean cerebrum ( in Brain Gym). Great article though!

One thing to do is to ask yourself if you want an apple to see if you're really hungry or not.

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