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The Health Benefits of Eating Eggs ...

By Leiann

Eggs have just about every nutrient a person could possibly need! They are not only on the breakfast menu, but for lunch and dinner too! What's the big deal? Read on, girlfriend.

1 Weight Loss

Consumption of eggs may promote weight loss. They keep you full which each being about 80 calories each.

2 Eye Sight

Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids, making them good for the eyes.

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3 Stroke Prevention

According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 7 eggs per week prevents some forms of stroke.

4 Pregnancy

Eggs can prevent birth defects as they contain folate, choline, and selenium, necessary for a healthy baby.

5 Hair and Nails

Eggs are high in sulfur content, making for healthy hair and nails.

6 Protection of Bones

Eggs are a source of Vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption and maintenance of bone health.

7 Cancer Reduction

The antioxidants in eggs may reduce the risk of cancer. Women that consume at least 6 eggs a week, have lower breast cancer risk, by 44%.

8 Convenience

Studies clearly show that eating up to three whole eggs per day is perfectly safe. Eggs are cheap. Eggs taste delicious. Eggs go with almost everything. There are a million ways to serve eggs, including;

I got the inspiration to take on the subject of eggs by watching a YouTube video. I, personally, skip breakfast. However, now, I know all I need are a few eggs and a microwave for myself. I might crack a few eggs, and mix them with oats and diced apple, with a little cinnamon, maybe making some the night before, tucked away in the fridge, using a jar.

Maybe you just might be inspired too by reading this article, which is my hope - just like I needed a YouTube video to point me in the right direction.


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