The Ins and Outs of Weight Gain for Girls Struggling with the Scale ...


The Ins and Outs of Weight Gain for Girls Struggling with the Scale ...
The Ins and Outs of Weight Gain for Girls Struggling with the Scale ...

You have tried every workout routine under the stars, dabbled with every diet but yet you are still struggling to lose weight. You might be frustrated. And as you weigh yourself, looking to see a drop, it is quite the opposite. In fact, instead of losing weight you are actually gaining weight. Starting with a strict food plan, you have stayed on track so why in the world are you gaining weight? This is a girl’s worst nightmare, like she is stuck in a fat suit forever. Well before you give up on your efforts and settle for not achieving your goals, let me share with you just why you are gaining weight and then we can tackle this with these awe-inspiring tips that will supercharge you to lose weight and get in your best shape!

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Poor Eating Choices

dish, food, meal, lunch, eating, You choose to eat pizza for lunch knowing it is not the healthy choice. And when dinner rolls around you dine out and eat the healthiest of what you know. All the meanwhile you know you are making poor eating choices that do anything but support your goals but you continue to go down this crooked path. Get on track and toss those empty calories out of your home for a lean, sculpted body!


Not Active Enough

vacation, window, coast, ーーー, You sit at a desk pretty much all day and by evening when it is time to leave you have no energy to workout. You gain weight as a result of your low activity and this is a vicious cycle on the daily. Supercharge your day by making a goal to get up and move for 5-10 minutes every hour. This will help you to ward off weight gain and you may even shed a few pounds in the process.


Eating Too Much

meal, dish, food, produce, breakfast, Countless calories that you seem to mindlessly eat add up rather quickly and in a matter of time you are over your recommended calorie consumption. So before you scream due to failed efforts, keep track of your calories and you will be immediately rewarded by making better calorie choices. Choose the greens instead of processed food and you can eat more without having to stress over every bite!


Not Eating Mini Meals

produce, food, dish, vegetable, meal, If you tend to eat only when you are hungry and lead a busy life, you just may not be eating enough. Or you may find yourself consuming three larger meals. And as a result you are gaining weight. Mini meals are easily digestible and will help to jumpstart your metabolism. Larger meals can make you feel sluggish, so eat small and avoid packing on pounds.


Embodying a Defeatist Attitude

plant, crop, ensete, beauty, leaf, A negative attitude can be causing you to gain weight. You cave into saddened emotions and sugary or fatty food suddenly becomes your friend. And as a result, the number on the scale is rising. Re-frame your mind to get in a more positive mindset and make choices that reflect your healthy, weight loss goals!


Not Working Hard Enough

clothing, blond, undergarment, woman, lingerie, Hard work pays off in all aspects of life. It takes work to eat healthy due to preparation, work to exercise at full effort and an undeniable effort to have the willpower to stay on track each day. These decisions will determine whether you choose to succeed or fail. So who do you want to be?


Lack of Sleep

clothing, person, photography, photo shoot, beauty, Inadequate sleep can cause weight gain because your body will secrete a weight gaining hormone called cortisol and an appetite enhancing hormone called ghrelin. These two hormones can cause mega weight gain and put you in a slump. So get legitimate sleep of 7-9 hours each night to help you avoid this increase in pounds and decrease in energy!

Avoid weight gain with those simple tips and get in your best shape starting today! No time like the present!

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There's this app called fooducate which is great for calorie counting and goal achieving

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