Drinks That Are Worse for You to Choose than Soda ...


Drinks That Are Worse for You to Choose than Soda ...
Drinks That Are Worse for You to Choose than Soda ...

You know by now that soda isn't a healthy choice when you need something to drink. The regular kind is loaded with sugar and calories, but the diet variety contains scary alternative sweeteners. Plus it's not good for your teeth or bones. It's better to reach for something else when you get thirsty, but you might be surprised to find that some other drinks are just as bad, or even worse.

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Sweet Tea 🌞

Maybe there's nothing better than a tall, cold glass of sweet tea, but there is a lot of sugar in that glass, which can overload you on the sweet stuff and get in the way of good health if you do it too often. The bottled stuff packs nearly 30 grams of sugar per serving. If you love tea, try it plain with lemon or mint. You're going to love it - I promise!


Margaritas 🍸

Some experts say that the average margarita contains as much sugar as three slices of cake. The cocktail is a great choice for your splurge on vacation, but stay away from it the the rest of the time because each glass contains more sugar than you need in a day and the booze isn't that good for you either.


Hot Chocolate ☕

Hot chocolate is certainly soothing on a cold day, but did you know that it can contain more than 40 grams of sugar and about 400 calories? That's more sugar than you need in a day and all those calories can ruin your healthy weight goals. If you can't give it up, look for a reduced sugar powder and prepare it with low-fat milk or water to save fat, calories and sugar.


Smoothies 🍹

I love a smoothie as much as the next person, but the ones you get at juice bars are way too full of sugar and much worse than a can of soda. Fruit itself contains natural sugars, but the average smoothie also contains sherbet, juice or something else packed with sugar. Making your own smoothies with fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and a dab of honey can really save you some sugar.


Frappucinos 🍵

This coffee drink can easily undo all of your best health goals. One estimate says that the average version from Starbucks contains nearly 70 grams of sugar! That's a lot and is definitely not something healthy to drink every single day. In fact, many flavored coffee drinks should be avoided because they are worse than soda.


Flavored Coconut Water 🌴

You've no doubt heard all about the benefits of coconut water, but they only applies to the plain version, not the flavored one. Flavored coconut water has a ton of added sugar. That's how they make it taste fruity so you're much better off with plain coconut water or just a glass of water from the tap.


Lemonade 🍋

Lemonade is a wonderfully tart drink that I really enjoy on occasion. It's not something you should be chugging all the time though because it's basically made with lemon juice, water and a bunch of sugar. Even homemade is quite sugary. Your best bet is to save lemonade for a special treat and choose water or unsweetened iced tea the rest of the time.

Are you surprised? Ready to make the switch to water now?

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Water sucks though. It has no flavor or texture.

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