9 Tips to Remember from the Fast Metabolism Diet ...


9 Tips to Remember from the Fast Metabolism Diet ...
9 Tips to Remember from the Fast Metabolism Diet ...

Have you heard about The Fast Metabolism Diet? If not, I bet you’re curious to find out what it’s all about. Believe me, I was a little leery about this diet book at first because I’ve read so many of them in the past and I thought I’d heard it all. Well, this diet book is a little different because the author is a nutritionist but her background is in the agricultural sciences. Many of the principles of this book are based off of what Haylie Pomroy learned through her education in animal science and as a wellness consultant. So, if you’re curious to find out more about The Fast Metabolism Diet, keep reading for some hot tips!

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Understand Your Body

One of the major topics of The Fast Metabolism Diet is that we need to learn to understand our bodies and how it works in terms of food and eating. Pomroy states that not properly understanding our body chemistry can cause us to be confused, stressed or even depressed about our bodies and health. There’s no need to take a class in Anatomy, but she stresses the importance of getting to know what foods and the amount of food we eat can affect our metabolism.


The Mighty Metabolism

Based on the title of the book, you’re probably on to what the majority of what the book focuses on and that’s repairing your metabolism. Pomroy comments that the very world we live in puts us at risk to have a slow metabolism. Why is that? Think about all the daily stress you go through, the genetically modified foods we eat, air pollution and chemicals all around us-it’s no wonder our bodies are stressed!


Less is Not More

One of the first diet tips I learned from this book is that less does not necessarily equal more! Pomroy says that many of her clients are under the impression that simply eating less food would be the answers to their diet prayers, but it’s just not so. She says that limiting your calorie intake and eating small portions actually makes weight loss harder!


Forbidding Foods

Another diet tip to keep in mind is that forbidding yourself certain foods is foolish! Extreme dieting, eliminating certain foods that you enjoy or subsisting only on packaged diet foods is not effective when you’re trying to lose weight! Pomroy encourages eating a variety of foods and creating a community around a new way of eating. She goes on to say that once your metabolism is running smoothly, there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy your favorite foods and desserts!


Calories Aren’t King

If you’re an experienced dieter, you’re probably quite adept at counting calories and how much you should you have each day. Well, here’s a doozy - Pomroy doesn’t believe in them! You read that right, she think they’re a big fat lie! She doesn’t believe in counting calories and says one the biggest misconceptions today is that the formula for weight loss is simply a matter of calories in and calories out. Furthermore, Pomroy says that calories are subject to millions of variables and they mean different things to different people so it’s not wise to count on calorie counts to lose weight.


Make Peace with Food

These days there are a lot of diet books and articles talking about making peace with food and although it might sound like a bunch of hoo-ha, Pomroy believes in it! She feels that longtime dieters have a negative relationship with food and try to separate themselves for it, which is not good. Stressing about food, how much you’re going to eat, etc. can cause fat storage from all the stress! Look forward to eating your favorite foods and be positive!


Just Because It’s Edible Doesn’t Mean It's Food

Even if you don’t agree with the other points that Pomroy goes over in this diet book, recognizing that all food isn’t real food is something everything can benefit from. Remember that just because something is edible, doesn’t mean you should eat it. There are tons of packaged, processed, modified and preserved products that we have easy access to but we should not be eating. Pomroy believes that food is something that once was alive and came from the sea, sky or land.


Three Square Meals

Eating within a certain amount of time within waking is a common diet tip that we hear. The Fast Metabolism Diet also believes in eating within 30 minutes of waking up so your body isn’t running on empty and making sure you eat three meals with at least two snacks per day. You’ll also be required to eat every three to four hours a day except when you’re sleeping.


Relearn the Meaning of "Diet"

Pomroy redefined the word diet to D.I.E.T which stands for: Did I eat today? People who follow The Fast Metabolism Diet should use this acronym to ask themselves whether they ate every 3-4 hours, ate according the phase of the diet they are on and if they ate enough of the recommended foods for the day. Diet will no longer be about banning your favorite foods, counting fat grams or calories!

This diet lasts 28 days and has three distinct phases to follow. It might seem a little restrictive at first since there are specific foods to eat on specific days but it’s not a permanent way of eating. This diet is meant to repair your metabolism and get it back on track. What do you think about what you’ve heard about The Fast Metabolism Diet? Would you ever try it?

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I would defanatly try it, but I can't find the book in our libraries, and I don't really like to buy it from the Internet!! Would you mind sharing it after you've done/read it ??

I really like your blog and become a fan of your blog, I love the way you wrote this content. Thanks for sharing such great information with us.

I love this diet! I lost 20 lbs. just by changing how I eat. Now I make better, healthier eating choices all the time. I highly recommend trying it out.

I agree with number 5, calories cannot be uniform, what about nutrition, mineral density etc? My breakfast smoothies are probably a huge amount of calories but they leave me feeling so nourished.

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