7 Breakfast Habits to Lose in Order to Lose ...

There are several breakfast habits to lose if weight loss and/or a healthy life are on your radar! Breakfast can make or break your day if you choose the wrong foods. Breakfast helps your body do just that... it β€œbreaks the fast.” After a night of sleep and no food, your blood sugar is often very low in the morning. In order to bring it up just enough to provide you adequate energy to get through your morning, choosing the right foods at breakfast can turn any average day into a great day. Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eating the right foods at this time is equally important! Here are 7 breakfast habits to lose in order to lose!

1. Juice

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One of the easiest of all of the breakfast habits to lose in order to lose is juice. While some juice does provide a little bit of nutrition, it all provides far too much sugar without any fiber. This combination sends your blood sugar through the moon and then causes you to crash shortly after. It is also a lot easier to gulp down liquid calories without even knowing that you just took in 300 or more calories. Instead of guzzling down juice with breakfast, have the whole piece of fruit and a glass of water. The whole fruit not only provides the vitamins and minerals that are found in the juice, but it also provides fiber that will slow down digestion, regulate your blood sugar, and keep you feeling full all morning long. If you just can’t break your juice habit, try watering it down as much as possible. This way you still get a little bit of the flavor but without all of the added calories and sugar found in juice.

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