30 More Ways to Burn 100 Calories Easily ...


30 More Ways to Burn 100 Calories Easily ...
30 More Ways to Burn 100 Calories Easily ...

When we’re trying to be fit and healthy, little milestones along the way keep us encouraged and determined. Burn 100 calories easily and you can congratulate yourself. It may not sound a lot but it all helps right? Each time we burn 100 calories, we know we are looking after ourselves and reducing our risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity and the more we do it, the better it is. Burn 100 calories by utilizing some of the following ways and implement some of them into your daily schedule. Who said that you had to exercise and burn 100 calories in the confines of a sweaty gymnasium?

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Paint the Halls

Spend 30 minutes painting one of your rooms in a dashing new color and you can burn 100 calories. Just make sure that you don’t do 30 minutes a day or it could get messy! The same applies if you hang wallpaper for 30 minutes.


Ride a Horse

Take up a new hobby and consider going horseback riding like the old-fashioned ranchers. Do it for 20 minutes and it can get rid of 100 calories, which is surprising for something that involves sitting on your butt.


Power Walking

Use up 100 calories by power walking around the neighborhood for 20 minutes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t look as silly as you think. It’s actually quite a popular hobby these days.


Catch Some Z’s

Believe it or not, you eliminate calories whilst you sleep. Going to sleep for a two-hour nap can take down those 100 calories. Now you shouldn’t feel guilty when you take an afternoon nap after your exercise session.



Ok, when you think of fishing, you may envision a father and son trotting off to the lake. But girls can do it too - you can fish for 40 minutes even if you don’t like fishing because you know that you are burning off 100 calories.


Wash the Dog

Even when the dog stays still during its wash you can burn 100 calories in as little as 25 minutes. A particularly fidgety pooch who doesn’t like the water could help you burn off even more, so fingers crossed.


Play Fetch

Now the dog is nice and clean, treat him to a trip to the park and play fetch for 20 minutes.


Wrinkle Free

One of the depressing things is that many of the practical ways of burning 100 calories involve household chores. I guess though, if you know you are doing yourself good, as well as keeping things in the home neat and tidy, it makes the chores easier. Ironing for 40 minutes = 100 calories.


Thumb War

One..two..three..four..I declare a thumb war. If the war lasts for 40 minutes then you will be the lucky individual who just used up 100 calories.


Text Pest

Texting is a favorite pastime for loads of us. But did you know that an hour of texting can do your body wonders? Studies have shown that sitting down to text for an hour can get rid of 100 calories. Add this wonderful task to any fitness regime. Of course you need to check you call plan beforehand otherwise $$$$ = 100 calories.


Pencil Pusher

Amuse yourself by turning the ‘pencil pusher’ label into a reality. Push the pencil back and forth for 45 minutes and you can get rid of 100 calories whilst alleviating the boredom of yet another lost sunny day in the office.



Show how much you care about the current state of the economy by reading through the financial pages of the newspaper for an hour. Alternatively, you could keep flicking back to the lifestyle section if you get bored.


Fear Factor

Play on your children’s fears by dressing up as the bogeyman or grim reaper and chasing them around for 16 minutes. You’ll traumatize them for life, but it’s worth it since you will use up 100 calories.


Party Time

Dress up as your child’s favorite cartoon character at their next party and greet guests for 20 minutes. It will help to get rid of 100 calories whilst putting you in-tune with your inner child.



Take up golf and putt a total of 156 balls. As long as you can make 16 balls a minute then you should be done in about an hour. One fantastic way to burn 100 calories!



Pilates is the exercise that many celebrities swear by (it certainly made me swear). With those bodies it must be working, so get down to the gym or get a home video and start working out! 20 minutes of Pilates will eat up 100 calories.


Culinary Delights

40 minutes of cooking up a great meal for your husband (or yourself) can take away 100 of those nasty calories. If you end up in a cramped and sweaty kitchen then you might even sweat out some more.



Frisbee is the classic game that gets everybody running around the park. Take your kids for some exercise this weekend, or if you are on your own during the day throw it around your garden. 30 minutes of play will burn 100 calories.



Learn a musical skill by taking up the piano. For something that only utilizes your fingers it only takes 30 minutes for you to burn 100 calories. It’s definitely a worthy addition to any fitness regime.


Back to the 70s

We all remember the good old 70s where disco dancing was the king of the clubs. Relive those golden years by putting on your favorite disco artist and dancing around your living room; feel free to close the curtains as you burn 100 calories in 20 minutes.


Sweat It out

You can literally burn up 100 calories in the heat of a sauna.



Feeling violent? If so then take up some boxing classes. Just two rounds of boxing can help you to use up 100 calories.


Hoola Hooping

A fun exercise to add to any fitness regime is a short hoola hooping session. It can tone your hips and get rid of 100 calories at the same time.


Wax on, Wax off

Save your pennies by not going to the auto wash and burn 100 calories by washing and waxing the car for 20 minutes.


Toilet Training

Burn 100 calories and teach your man just how easy it is to leave the toilet seat down when he’s finished by lifting it up and down 3,740 times. Watch his face as the cogs in his mind jar and screech whilst you perform a miracle in front of his eyes.



Dig the garden over for 15 minutes as you prepare to grow some fruit or some lovely flowers for the summer months. That’s how to create a healthy regime and how to burn 100 calories.



Take the family away to the nearest lake and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Get rid of 100 calories by simply sitting down in a canoe and paddling your way around the water for 25 minutes.


Make Love

Make love on a regular basis for an hour and use up 100 calories. If you get bored then you can always use more calories by trying something different or making a mental list of tomorrow’s shopping.


Laugh It off

Stick on your favorite comedy and laugh, a lot. Did you know that laughing for 20 minutes is a great way to use up 100 calories?


Bouncy Bouncy

10 minutes of jumping jacks will do it.

Burn 100 calories by adding just some of the above actions to your daily routine or exercise regime and get that killer body you deserve. They all use up 100 calories*, and often they lead to even more calories being consumed. Get rid of 100 calories and you can instil good practices for the future, as well as inspiring those closest to you. Be an inspiration. What other ways do you have to burn 100 calories?

*All based on an average weight of 130 pounds.

Top Image Source: jtjonesphotos.com

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