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26 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Feeling Full ...

By Neecey

It’s important to listen to your body when eating. One of the problems and ways we end up eating past the point of satiation is the delay in communication between our stomach and brain. While the stomach is sending the message to the brain – which can take up to 20 minutes – we carry on eating. Not good if you want to lose or maintain weight. If you want to avoid that and if you want to send positive messages between brain and stomach even before you start eating, there are ways to trick your brain into feeling full.

1 Eat Breakfast

Eat BreakfastDon’t skip it! Give your metabolism a kick start and be sure to eat a protein packed breakfast.

2 Drink Water

Drink a glass of water before each meal and a total of 8 glasses a day

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3 Chew Gum

Drink Water Drink a glass of water before each meal and a total of 8 glasses a day

3 Chew Gum

Chew GumChewing gum can make you feel like you’re eating food. Make sure it’s sugar free!

4 Brush Your Teeth

Brush Your TeethWho feels like eating when they have a minty, fresh, clean mouth? Clean your tongue too.

5 Have a Nap

Have a NapAfter a short sleep you will wake up energized and with less stomach acid, therefore should not feel hungry.

6 Avoid Food

Avoid FoodNot talking about not eating, but seeing food or smelling food can make you feel hungry even when you aren’t. Stay away from places with food.

7 Graze

GrazeEating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism high because there is always food in your stomach. Eat 6 small meals rather than three bigger ones.

8 Eat Slowly

Eat SlowlyThe slower you eat, the more time you allow for that important stomach to brain message to get itself heard. Chew every mouthful. Savor your food, experience all the different flavors.

9 Drop Your Fork

Drop Your ForkPut your fork down between bites. This deliberate action will naturally slow down the eating process a la #8. You could also take a sip of water before you pick up your fork each time.

10 Snack on Healthy Foods

Snack on Healthy FoodsFresh raw vegetables are ideal – carrots, celery, cucumber and radish are ideal.

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11 Watch Your Carbs

Watch Your CarbsCarbs turn to sugar which stimulates insulin which stimulates hunger. Reduce the number of carbs you eat.

12 Keep Your Protein Lean

Keep Your Protein LeanProtein takes longer to digest than carbs so your body will prefer a lean piece of meat over a pile of carbs.

13 Eat More Fiber

Eat More FiberFibrous foods take longer to chew, fill your stomach quickly and offer longer lasting satisfaction than other foods. They also keep you regular which aids digestion.

14 Eat More Eggs

Eat More EggsEggs are a brilliant low-fat, high protein food or snack that will stave off hunger.

15 Work out

Work outBe careful with this one. Don’t exercise to torch calories as a way to kill hunger. Burning calories will make you hungry. Go for a walk or do some yoga to boost your adrenaline not your hunger.

16 Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Drink Apple Cider VinegarThis has been a dietary aid for a long time now. Drink two teaspoons of ACV before each meal or if you don’t like the taste add it to the glass of water you’re going to drink (as per #2.)

17 Avoid Salt

Avoid SaltSalt causes dehydration and thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. Especially avoid salty snacks like peanuts and popcorn.

18 Avoid Sugar

Avoid SugarYour body burns sugar more quickly than other nutrients. Be care to also avoid low fat snacks that are high in sugar and contain hidden/added sugar.

19 Avoid Caffeine

Avoid CaffeineSome consider caffeine an appetite suppressant but it can cause “crashes” just like sugar so it is best avoided on an empty stomach. Drink when having a meal or healthy snack.

20 Avoid Alcohol

Avoid AlcoholAlcohol is just empty calories and it can give you the munchies. It also relaxes your inhibitions and dulls the senses. Don’t let it test your willpower against hunger.

21 Eat Mints

Eat MintsMake sure they are low-sugar, long lasting mints and suck don’t bite! It’s gives your mouth something to do and your tummy thinks it’s getting food.

22 Chew Ice

Chew IceJust like sucking mints, your brain and tummy will think you’re eating.

23 Tighten Your Abs

Tighten Your AbsAKA “sucking in your gut”, this will compress your stomach and you’ll be concentrating on keeping your muscles tight rather than hunger pangs. And it will help you get a tight tummy area so it’s win-win.

24 Manage Stress

Manage StressStress is a major cause of overeating and you can’t focus on your diet/weight loss plan if your head is occupied and full of stress.

25 Keep Busy

Keep BusyDon’t let boredom and inactivity allow you to think about food and make yourself feel hungry. Idle hands and all that – food is the devil!

26 Bonus Tip

Bonus TipThis one is from me to you. Eat with chopsticks. Western food isn’t designed for chopsticks and unless you are proficient in their use, you will naturally shovel food in more slowly – allowing time for that all import “tummy is full” message to reach the brain.

How do you stop yourself giving into hunger pangs or to feel fuller for longer?

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