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7 Worst Diet Tips That You Should Ignore Now ...

By Heather

Being an advocate for a healthy body image and a healthy weight, I’m a stickler about telling people about the worst diet tips out there. I hate that, for women, dieting has become something on our to-do lists, and is always on the forefronts of our minds. I suffered from dieting woes for years until I realized it was ruining my health and happiness. If you’re tired of the dieting game too, join me in avoiding the worst diet tips out there, and let’s just start eating healthy instead. Are you in?

1 Intermittent Fasting

Seriously, now; I think this is quite possibly one of the worst diet tips I’ve heard of recently. Intermittent fasting has become something people are saying is spiritual, healthy for our brains, and even the key to preventing disease and aging. It involves not eating for days, or a period of hours everyday, such as fasting until noon everyday, etc. Let me say first that while I don’t think it is smart to eat when you’re not hungry, I do not agree with fasting everyday for weight loss. I’m not going to get into religious fasting, which is a whole other topic, but if you’re looking to lose some weight, don’t turn to fasting. You could suffer low blood sugar, metabolic issues, depression, moodiness and it can be dangerous if you’re at work or driving without having eaten.

2 Avoiding Fat

I know that healthy fats are often prioritized now more than earlier days when fat-free diets were the rage, but I still hate to hear about diets that say fats should be avoided. I think this confuses many people, and while eating fats that are hard to digest like refined oils, or fats in processed foods, any raw fat in its natural state can actually be a great dieting benefit. You shouldn’t eat so much you get sick, but a diet that lacks fat can actually lead a low metabolism, so don’t listen to this silly trend!

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3 Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper was first made popular through the Master Cleanse diet, as it was added to the special concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice and water to create a diet drink. Cayenne pepper is said to help you lose weight by burning fat, ladies, so stop burning your mouths and torturing yourselves! While I’m not saying it won’t slightly raise your metabolism, I don’t think that adding cayenne to all your foods is going to make a huge difference in your weight, if any.

4 Coconut Oil

Alright, now here’s where things get tricky. The thing about coconut oil and weight loss is that it truly is a good form of fat, but using it as a diet aid has me skeptical. I don’t believe that adding up to 6 tablespoons a day for weight loss can really be that valid, despite those that say it works. This might improve your energy, mood and even your appetite, but the diet tip that claims coconut oil burns fat shouldn’t be counted on as a magic bullet. Now, if you’re using coconut oil in place of refined fats when you cook, sure, that might help you lose weight, but the claim alone that coconut oil is magic is marketed by people that make money off of it. I use it and love it, but haven’t dropped a pound, nor do I know anyone that does just from adding it to their diet.

5 Soup Diets

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Cabbage Soup Diet, and there are a couple other diet tips out there that say eating nothing but soup can help you lose quick weight. Actually, it can, but it’s not the kind of weight you’ll want to lose. You’ll lose mostly water weight and muscle, which is bad news for your metabolism. Not to mention, soups that are high in sodium might make you bloat, and most don’t contain enough protein and healthy fats to keep you healthy. Avoid these diet tips that involve living off soup. Instead, just add a bowl to your fall and winter meals. They can help stave off cravings and keep you nourished, but aren’t the magic answer to weight loss.

6 Negative Calorie Foods

Celery, lettuce, leafy greens and low calorie fruits and veggies are said to be “negative calorie" foods that will help you lose weight, just by eating them. Your body actually does burn calories just by eating these foods, but your body also burns calories while you sleep, and much more than snacking on a piece of celery! Eat vegetables and fruits because they’re healthy for you, not because they’re “negative calorie” foods. They do, however, contain fiber, nutrients and are low in sugar, plus they’re whole foods. Any food with those qualities are great for you and your weight.

7 Raw Food Diet

Many people who lose weight on a low carb diet have done so for a couple of reasons. First, they probably cut out processed foods, which will eliminate several sources of unhealthy ingredients that lead to weight gain. Secondly, they might have eliminated all heated fats, refined sugars and all grains. This will definitely cause weight loss, but the trend that if it’s raw, it’s a magic answer for weight loss, is not true. Raw foods like dried fruits and nuts and seeds are very high in calories. Sure, they are healthy for you, and I eat some of them daily, but just because they are raw doesn’t mean they lead to weight loss. If you’re going to eat raw food, do so the smart way. Eat more vegetables and lower sugar fruits, and do be careful about your protein. I am not so much a fan of raw food diets due to the fact they lack specific amino acids from protein, unless you get a high amount of nuts and seeds, which again, won’t lead to weight loss. Besides, cooking a potato or a cup of broccoli actually makes it much easier to digest, and is tastier too, if you ask me!

If you have a terrible diet tip to share, let me hear it! Note that reducing the amount of starchy grains and carbs you are eating, along with drinking more water, eating more vegetables than processed foods and eating more low glycemic fruits than high sugar fruits can truly lead to weight loss. When it comes to fat and protein, be sure you get enough to keep your energy steady, brain healthy and digestion healthy. What’s the worst diet tip you’ve ever heard of?

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