7 Unhealthy Foods That Are Bad for Your Diet ...

There are plenty of foods we should eat more of, but unfortunately there are also plenty of tempting foods that are bad for your diet. If you’re trying to lose weight but don’t seem able to shift those few extra stubborn pounds, the culprits could be some of these foods that are bad for your diet – surprising foods that you may have thought were good for you can be packed with nutritional no-no’s that could see your diet fail before it has even started!

1. Sushi

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Putting sushi at the top of a list of unhealthy foods that are bad for your diet is probably quite a controversial thing to do, but just bear with me for a second! Not all sushi is bad for you – just the rolls which contain mayonnaise or other high-fat ingredients. Large California rolls with mayonnaise and avocado can be fattening, as can rolls filled with too much rice. By sticking to sashimi and smaller maki rolls filled with fresh fish and raw vegetables such as cucumber and red pepper, you can be sure you’re eating a nutritious portion of sushi that will have benefits for your health and your waistline.

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