Trick Yourself into Eating Less if You Want to Lose Weight ...


Trick Yourself into Eating Less if You Want to Lose Weight ...
Trick Yourself into Eating Less if You Want to Lose Weight ...

If you trick yourself into eating less, you can potentially lose weight without trying too hard. Diets are no fun. Between depriving yourself and eating bland foods, you may give up after the first couple of weeks. There is a better way to reach weight loss goals. Here are seven simple ways to trick yourself into eating less.

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Use a Smaller Plate

If you want to trick yourself into eating less, eating on a smaller plate may sound too simple - but it works. The bigger the plate, the more space you have for food. But with smaller plates and bowls, you’re less likely to pile up your food. In the end, you’ll eat less and eventually drop pounds.


Don’t Eat While Watching Television

According to a 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, we typically eat more when distracted. This is bad news if you enjoy eating while watching television, reading or playing on the computer.


Eat with a Larger Fork

This may sound a bit far-fetched, but research shows that eating with a bigger fork may help you eat less. This study was published in the Journal of Consumer Research, and according to researchers, “larger utensils tricks diners into thinking they are making more progress on their meal and eating more, though in reality they eat less.”


Eat with Your Non-dominant Hand

Whether you're snacking or enjoying a meal, switch to your non-dominant hand, and you may eat less. This finding comes after an experiment conducted by psychologists at the University of Southern California. Participants were given stale popcorn. Some of the participants were asked to use their dominant hand, while others were asked to eat with their non-dominant hand. In the end, those who ate with their non-dominant hand consumed less popcorn.


Drink up before Meals

If you want to trick yourself into eating less, drink a full glass of water before dinner or lunch. The water fills your stomach. As a result, you’ll get full quicker from your meal and ultimately eat less. Technically, you can drink any liquid to fill your stomach. However, water is better than sodas, juices and sweet teas. This way, you avoid a bunch of empty calories.


Slow down and Enjoy Your Meals

If you get into a habit of eating fast, you may actually consume more food and gain weight. A study conducted on 3000 people found that those who ate fast and rushed through their meals were three times more likely to be overweight, reports the British Medical Journal. There is a simple explanation for this. “When you eat, your brain doesn’t know for certain that you’re full until it receives a series of messages from hormones in your gastrointestinal tract. If you continue to shovel in food, you override these hormonal messages.”


Chew Sugarless Gum

If snacking is your weakness, carry sugarless gum in your purse or pocket. The ingredients in this gum can suppress cravings, helping you eat less. Therefore, if your friends have a junk fest (cookies, potato chips, ice cream, etc.) and you’re trying to stick to healthy eating, popping a piece of gum in your mouth can keep cravings under control.

There is no secret weight loss trick. And if you’re looking to drop pounds, you’ll need to adopt healthier eating habits and exercise. However, any trick to help you eat less can put you closer to weight loss goals.

How do you trick yourself into eating less?

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Thanks for the tips!!

Thank you for the tips!

I'm already so skinny but when I'm fat I'll use this

Is this a pro-Ana app? Eat a healthy diet of around 2000 calories and move a lot. Eating less is so bad for the body, it needs food to function.

Thanks for the tips

Eating with the non dominate hand is a great idea!

I always eat with a small plate and I drink two glasses of water before I eat a big meal even when I eat out as well to keep my weight down but I just might try some of these trick's as well ty.

t can't wait to try this thank you! :-)

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