Most Terrible Meals to Skip from Your Favorite Chain ...


Most Terrible Meals to Skip from Your Favorite Chain ...
Most Terrible Meals to Skip from Your Favorite Chain ...

A menu of choices screaming eat me, eat me, is a terrible temptation. Obviously the best thing to do is to avoid restaurants that are generally “unhealthy” in terms of calories, fats and sugars – generally, chain restaurants – but that’s not always possible. Plus, these restaurants aren’t dumb. They know they have to offer healthy options amidst all the other stuff. Find those and stick to them and avoid this list below, unless you can afford the calorie bill.

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Applebee's Provolone – Stuffed Meatballs

Applebee's Provolone – Stuffed Meatballs These cheese-filled meatballs with fettuccine pasta are a big no-no because they pack a whopping 43g of saturated fat with 1,510 calories. The FDA recommends you should eat about 2,000 calories and no more than 65g of fat (20g of which should be saturated fat). Enjoy this specialty from Applebee's and forget about eating anything else for the rest of the day. Can you do it?


Chili's Southern Smokehouse Burger

The burger comes with Ancho Chile barbecue and packs 2,290 calories and 139g of fat, which is actually way above than your recommended daily calorie intake. By the way, all of the burgers you order form Chili's are loaded with more than 1000 calories, so it's quite hard to find a lighter option here.


T.G.I Friday's Jack Daniel's Grill

Oh yes, it tastes good, but it's terrible for your waistline. Even if you opt for the salmon that has the lowest calorie count among everything on the menu, you still load your body up with 890 calories. And yes, that's the lowest – and it turns into a colossal calorie bomb if you add sides as well.


Red Lobster's Create Your Own Combo

They give you the liberty to create your own combo by combining their signature shrimp dishes together, but they don't tell you that their single plate will have 2,710 calories – biscuits not included.


Dickey's BBQ Pit's 3-Meal Plate

What you get is a plate filled with pork ribs, Polish sausage, and beef brisket with sides of mac and cheese, plus the free roll, onions, pickles, and a 32-ounce sweet tea. And there's more – you will get one-half cup of yummy ice cream for dessert. It may sound tempting, but the meal rings in at 45g of saturated fat, 2,500 calories, and 4,700mg of sodium. That's definitely one of the most unhealthy restaurant meals. Do you still want to order it?


Outback Steakhouse's Herb Roasted Rib

In one meal, you will get a 16 oz. slab of meat, a baked potato and blue cheese wedge. Combine it all and you will be eating 2,400 calories in a few minutes.


Cheesecake Factory's Chicken Pasta

With the weight of the meal around one and a half pounds, there's no prize for guessing it is bad for your waistline. This pasta meal will grace you with 80g of saturated fat, 2,370 calories, and 2,370mg of sodium… and a sad face!


Sonic's Pineapple Shake

This master blast shake will definitely shake your world with a whopping 2,020 calories. The concoction of pineapple, vanilla ice cream, and salted pie crust pieces with caramel may satisfy your taste buds, but take you away from achieving your fitness goals.


IHOP Chorizo Fiesta Pancakes and Omelet

IHOP Chorizo Fiesta Pancakes and Omelet This is far from something you should start your day with – it packs 1,990 calories, which means you should practical eat nothing else throughout the day to keep your waistline from growing. If you really want to eat some nice stuff in lunch and dinner, be sure to say no to this omelet/pancake meal.

As a special treat, go ahead and indulge. Or just do it anyway but work it off! Who is going to own up to any of these being one of their favorite chain restaurant picks?

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2 and 5 lovely. I am hungry now. Heheh

Applebee's is my favorite

Ugh. I don't know how anyone would even look at items like this on a menu!! Isn't your health and the one and only body you have worth taking care of?!

@Thelma63913 I agree!

I wouldn't eat at these chain type places anyhow. If I'm spending money on food, it's gonna be something interesting that I can't make myself!

The summary of the post, I'm more inclined to agree with. Allow yourself a treat & then exercise the calories away.

The pasta looked good. Too bad it's full of unneeded calories.

It makes me want to eat them all!!!!!😎

They all look disgusting

This article while it may be informative of what not to order, really makes a person want to order those items even more cause they look so good & make you want to say the heck with your diet for now.

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