7 Dietary Rules You Don't Want to Forget ...


7 Dietary Rules You Don't Want to Forget ...
7 Dietary Rules You Don't Want to Forget ...

There are so many fad diets of low carb, no carb, high protein, meal replacements, and a countless list of others. Many look for the cheapest and easiest way to lose weight and in the long run they wind up gaining the weight back and feeling frustrated. Are we weight loss seekers doomed for a roller coaster life of eating and exercise? Is there a way to live a life in moderation and still lose weight? All these questions may pop into your mind and I am here as your nutritionist, certified trainer and lover of helping other achieve health greatness; to guide you with dietary rules you do not want to forget!

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Stop That Fad Diet

As you search for the latest trend in dieting, you may want to think twice. All these fad diets cause metabolic syndrome resulting in a sluggish metabolism. You are in this for the long haul so stop fad dieting and make healthy choices for the long run. Your body will great health results!


Start Eating More

Instead of focusing on giving up this and that; focus on eating more of the right foods. Create your own healthy granola bars, have more fruits, enjoy veggies and homemade dip; live life feeling full the healthy way. It is time for you to take control of your life. Stop wishing and start doing by making healthy changes!


Get in a Routine of Exercise

If you do anything for 30 days in a row, your body will begin to crave more of it. So get in a healthy routine of regular exercise daily to feel better, have more energy and lose weight. Once you begin to adopt this healthy habit, it will become part of your new and improved life!


Drink Water

Stop sipping on that caramel colored chemical laden drink of soda and switch to water. This simple choice can help you to lose as much as 10 pounds per year and also just feel better. You will have more energy, be less bloated and feel at your best by enjoying this simple fluid from your faucet. You can’t get simpler than that!


Stop Stressing over Eating

If you are stressing over every meal, counting calories and macronutrients; you will end up eating more. Studies show that people that stress over what and when to eat actually end up eating more in the long run. So don’t fret and make healthy food choices just because you love your body and it deserves this!


Enjoy Your Meals

Enjoy your meals and savor each and every bite. Eat slowly and be more relaxed at meal time so you can enjoy all the flavors of your food. If you rush your meal, you will eat more and not even enjoy it.


Have Some Cake Too

Instead of worrying about giving up all your sweets enjoy a treat once a week. Life includes cake too and you would not want to deprive yourself now or you will be starving later. So enjoy your dessert and live your life in moderation. Cutting out anything entirely will only make you crave it more!

Do not forget these dietary rules you should live by. Love your body with proper fuel so you can live the beautiful life you deserve. Tell me, what is your dietary rule you live by?

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Water, excercise, and SLEEP~so important thanks for the reminder @Kimmi...love me some tea too, has anyone tried Hibiscus tea? I've heard that it's extremely good for you, unsure of the taste~

Green tea, vitamins, fish oil pills, sleep, and water!!

Eat a lot of nutritious food. Learn to cook and it'll make you appreciate food a lot more. Plus indulge in the naughty foods every now & then. It will keep you on the sane side. Life is too short! :)

I also believe on eating more but the right food

Good tips....especially the water one....its amazing what a difference just drinking water makes....

Sim love water but it can be repetitive. I sometimes lit either lemon or cucumber into mine and leave a jug in the fridge :) has helped me .

Water is good for your skin :)

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