10 New Year's Diet Resolutions That'll Get You the Body You've Always Wanted ...


10 New Year's Diet Resolutions That'll Get You the Body You've Always Wanted ...
10 New Year's Diet Resolutions That'll Get You the Body You've Always Wanted ...

It's that time of the year again: time for New Year's diet resolutions. While everyone else is making resolutions to get their finances or houses in order, why don't we get a little healthier and make some really good New Year’s diet resolutions? Here's my list of 10 New Year's resolutions that'll get you the body you've always wanted in 2019!

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I Will Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Grown adults like you and me are supposed to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but very few of us do. So this year, make the resolution to reap the benefits of all of those fruits and veggies by getting every serving you need! When you want to lose weight in the new year, this is one of the best New Year's diet resolutions you can possibly make.


I Will Stop Drinking Soda

Even if you're drinking zero-calorie, no caffeine soda, you're still potentially harming your body, so why bother? Switch to an iced green tea, or better yet, water or lightly flavored water, a natural alternative to the calorie-rich (or artificially-sweetened) sodas. You'll be doing something good for your body, your health, and your teeth!


I Will Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is necessary for everything our bodies do, from digestion to cell renewal. So, yes! Resolve to stay hydrated this year! This is one New Year's diet resolution that's easy to keep!


I Will Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods — almost anything that comes in a box or a can — are loaded with fat and sodium and preservatives, and so many ingredients you can't even pronounce. Ditch them this year! Eat fresh foods, instead. They’re tastier too!


I Will Ban Fast Food

Even worse for you than processed foods are fast foods. So here's one New Year's diet resolution you just have to keep. Avoid the fat and calories and other nasty stuff (like e coli) by banning fast food.


I Will Read Labels

Do you even know what's in your favorite drink, or cereal, or soup? Before you eat anything this year, make this New Year's resolution: you'll read the label on everything you eat. It's such a good idea!


I Will Learn about Serving Sizes

Let's try an experiment. Grab your favorite cereal bowl, and a box of your favorite cereal, then pour what you think is one serving of cereal. Now, look at the label on the box, grab a measuring cup, and measure out what an actual serving is. Chances are, you poured about double what one serving is! This is another simple diet resolution you can make that will help you count calories and the pounds as they melt away: learn how to measure serving sizes!


I Will Cook More at Home

Cooking at home is less expensive than eating out, and you'll also have more control over what you eat! First of all, restaurants tend to serve two or even three servings on one plate. That is why it costs more than cooking at home, and why you tend to eat more!


I Will Brown-bag It

Extend the “cooking at home” resolution to include lunch time at school or at work by packing your lunch! Again, you'll have more control of your choices, and you'll find you're making much healthier choices at that! Unless, of course, you prefer eating out of a vending machine...


I Will Ban Negativity

It's hard to diet, or do anything else, for that matter, if you have a frenemy telling you that you can't. This year, ban negativity! Don't keep anyone in your close circle who doubts you... you don't have time for that!

These are all such marvelously healthy (and simple!) New Year's diet resolutions! I promise I'm adding many of these to my overall resolutions list... but what about you? Which of these resolutions will you make, and keep, in 2019? Do tell!

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