How do I Stop Binge Eating?


How do I Stop Binge Eating?
How do I Stop Binge Eating?

Whether you want to know how to stop binge eating at night or whether you want to stop binge eating altogether and lose weight, these simple ways will let you do just that.

For most women stopping compulsive eating boils down to 2 or 3 tricks that work perfectly for their body. Choose from the list below things that will stop you from binge eating for good:

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Use Salad Plates so Your Meals Look Bigger - Go Extreme and Use a Saucer, if It is between Your Regular Meals

One of the ways to control binge eating is to limit portion sizes. The best way to do that is to fool your mind into thinking you are eating a lot more than you actually are. To do that, just use smaller plates! The same food portion looks a lot bigger on smaller plates than on bigger ones. Using smaller plates or bowls will definitely force you into eating less, put the food away, to avoid going back and binge eating on those tacos.


Chew Gum or Suck on a Mint to Avoid Eating out of Boredom - Sometimes All You Need is to Keep Your Mouth Busy

If you are anything like me, you tend to eat when you are bored just because you want something to chew on. Then you end up eating when you are not actually hungry and consuming the unnecessary calories. It is hard to stop once you are in the middle of your binge eating session, but you absolutely must! Next time you feel the need to eat out of boredom, just grab a piece of gum or a mint.


Drink a Tall Glass of Water 30 Min before Your Meal to Make You Feel Fuller and Eat Slowly Chewing Every Bite 3-5 Times, to Allow Time for Your Stomach to Feel Full

Fast consumption of any type of food can lead to overeating. Your brain takes a while to actually realize you are full, so the faster you eat, the more you consume. Instead, make sure to thoroughly chew up your food and if you need to, put down your fork in between bites. This will make sure you are not gorging on your meal, feeling fuller, hence - no longer tempted to binge eat.


Have Your Snack in the Kitchen before Returning to Your Tv Series, so That You do Not Become a Victim of Mindless Binge Eating

Once you get into a habit of eating food with the TV on, it’s hard to stop. While it is a lot more entertaining, especially when you are eating alone, it can lead to overeating and binge eating. You pay less attention to your meal and consume extra calories just to see the ending of your favorite show. So eat first and then go watch TV. This hack for stopping binge eating works like a charm!


Stick to Maximum 3 Varieties of Food at a Meal, Because More Choice Means Eating More

Whenever there is a big variety of food on the table, you are tempted to try it all even if you are not hungry anymore. To eat less, serve the same amount of food but of a less variety! This way you can try it all without stretching out your stomach and going into a food coma.


Snack on Veggies, Nuts and Fruit between Meals to Avoid Peaks and Troughs of Hunger before Your Actual Meal Time

Depriving your body of food can actually come back to bite you. The more you go on without food, the more likely you are to eat the next time you sit down for a meal. So instead, try to eat less by eating more often. Put a couple of healthy snacks in your bag and carry it around for emergencies!


Use Your Non-dominant Hand as a Psychological Trick to Grab That Cracker or Cookie - the More Uncomfortable the Action, the More Aware You Are of Doing It

Never reach for snacks with your dominant hand, because that could lead to a cycle of grabbing and biting. Instead, use your non-dominant hand and you will actually end up eating 20% less of what you would have. This simple trick truly works, just test it out yourself.

Overeating is a big problem. Sometimes we just feel bad for leaving food on a plate, other times we just want the taste to linger for a little bit longer. How do you deal with your overeating habit?

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Eat more protein

And if you're craving and malnourished you need better quality food. Eat baby carrots or granola bars or snacks instead,

Brush your teeth to stop a binge

If you have an urge to binge it is likely a result malnourishment and is a primal instinct. Make sure you are allowing yourself enough food or the cravings will become greater.

This is a huge problem for me.

Eat some nuts or dried fruits when you feel hungry

Wait, I thought chewing gum made you even more hungry? Hmm..

drink water to numb the cravings! best way to consume alot of water everyday

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