7 Reasons Why Dieting Doesn't Always Work ...


7 Reasons Why Dieting Doesn't Always Work ...
7 Reasons Why Dieting Doesn't Always Work ...

Have you ever wondered why dieting doesn’t work after you repeatedly try a new plan and fail to see results? Dieting is usually following a restrictive plan where you feel like you are deprived, and as a result you crave the forbidden foods even more. If you have ever given up anything, you will find your body desires this even more. Studies show that the majority of people on a diet fail to stick with it for this reason. The aftermath is usually a person feeling like they failed and falling back to bad habits. As a certified trainer I am accustomed to helping clients learn moderation and I will share this with you. Here are the reasons why dieting doesn’t work and how to combat this:

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Strict Plan

Following a strict food plan is not fun and this is one of the reasons why dieting doesn’t work. If you follow a strict plan, you will find yourself feeling like you want the food that is off your diet even more. Following a strict plan is one of the many reasons why dieting doesn’t work.


Feeling Deprived when Dining out

When you are on a diet, you may feel deprived when dining out as you stare at the menu looking for the healthiest choice. If you feel deprived you may end up going in the opposite direction and making poor food choices. So when you dine out, why not order in moderation?


Not Feeling Balance

Feeling like a struggle in your life and your diet is bringing you over the edge? If you achieve balance in your life and learn to eat one pancake instead of four, a piece of a brownie instead of a tray and funnel this into all aspects of your life, you will achieve balance.


Lacking Energy

If you are on a no carbohydrate diet and lacking energy, the source could be in your lack of fuel. Dieting can backfire and cause you to feel lethargic due to food deprivation. So live a healthy lifestyle rather than doing a temporary diet as a stage in your life.


Craving Forbidden Foods Even More

If you give all your sweets you may find yourself craving them even more. So why not work a healthier version by substituting yogurt for butter in your favorite brownie mix? You can use this approach in all your cooking. Simple changes can make a big difference!


Temptation is Everywhere

When you are on a diet, everywhere you go there seems to be temptation. At the gym, there are high sugar smoothies, at work there are continual celebrations with cake and donuts, so what should you do? Learn to embody a healthy lifestyle, bring a piece of fruit and if you want to have cake, have just a bite!


Wanting to Live Life in Moderation

Our bodies crave schedules and balance, so why are we trying to go against what our body needs? The next step in your life is to learn to live your life in moderation. You can start by making all your food rather than ordering out so you can control the ingredients. And make healthy changes day by day.

So smile and be happy about where you are in your life and stop the dieting to take a new, balanced approach to life. Tell me, do you feel the same way about dieting?

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Stop dieting and adopt a healthy lifestyle instead.

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