How to Prevent Sugar from Sneaking into Your Food ...


How to Prevent Sugar from Sneaking into Your Food ...
How to Prevent Sugar from Sneaking into Your Food ...

If there is one thing you can do to better your health and slim down it would be to cut out added sugar. But since food manufacturers are now more creative it will take some thought and focus to ensure there is not added sugar in their products. Before you just scan the ingredient list for sugar, buyers, beware. Many producers are avoiding using names like high fructose corn syrup and they are using alternative names, such as invert sugar, or corn sugar. And now that you are on the lookout, look for other common names for sugar which include dextrose, sucrose, fructose, and even more deceiving names such as cane juice, brown rice syrup, and nectar, among many others.Get started the healthy way and prevent sugar sneaking into your food with these tips!

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Tomato Sauce

red, food, canning, produce, drink, If you purchase tomato sauce from the store and it is like most of the canned sauce, it will have added sugar. This sugar is added for both taste and longer shelf life. The great news is you can prevent this added sugar easily by simply making your own sauce. You can buy tomatoes that are already crushed, add spices and herbs; simmer and save on calories by avoiding added sugar!


Granola Bars

food, dessert, produce, meal, breakfast, If you look on the back of the granola bars you have been eating - unless this is all natural and whole - most are laden in sugar. To avoid this added unnecessary sugar, make your own granola bars. Then you will save on calories, sugar and not have to worry about having a crash after your sugar high.


Peanut Butter

The J.M. Smucker Company, food, dish, canning, produce, Always check the ingredient list on the back of your jar of peanut butter. This is also a way for sugar to sneak into your diet. A super solution for this is to make your own peanut butter by simply grinding peanuts or analyze the food label before you put that jar of peanut butter in your grocery shopping cart!



food, meal, dessert, breakfast, produce, If you really want to have cereal in your diet, choose whole grain and without sugar. So many cereals have sugar in them and most are labeled as healthy when in fact they are not. Open your eyes and read the food label on your cereal box before you purchase it!



food, rye bread, dish, breakfast, meal, Many manufacturers sneak sugar into bread to preserve freshness and add to the taste. So your best bet is to go for whole grain or sprouted grain bread. And analyze the ingredients to ensure that there is no added sugar.


Salad Dressing

food, dish, produce, vegetable, plant, When manufacturers try to lower the fat in products they often increase the sugar content in the product. This is most often the case with salad dressing. So before you load up on the bulk sale for salad dressing, analyze the food label and make sure there is no or just low sugar!


Store Bought Smoothie

beauty, product, skin, bottle, hand, Smoothie shops are popping up all over and for good reason; people want to make healthier choices. However a lot of the smoothie choices on the menu have sugar added to them, so skip the smoothie shop and make your own healthy smoothie with kale, apple, beets and other fruits. Enjoy this even more knowing there is no added sugar!

Always analyze the food label to ensure there is no added sugar and remember small changes add up to make a big difference!

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Sugar can be anywhere it has it way to sneak in uninvited. I don't know but you but I won't let no uninvited guest come in. I control who comes in. I'm talking to you Mr. SUGAR 👎

Make ur own if u can!

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