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7 Excellent Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda for Good ...

By Jennifer

With so many reasons to stop drinking soda, it’s a wonder we still consume so much of it, gallons of it. Whether you’re on a diet to lose weight, or you just want to eat healthier, it’s something to consider. So why should you give up soda, and what should you drink instead? Here are 7 excellent reasons to stop drinking soda for good, right now!

1 It’s Loaded with Chemicals

If you don’t think you need to give up soda because you drink diet soda, think again. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that some studies have found to be linked to cancer. And last month, many cola companies stopped using a particular coloring because they feared it, too, would be linked to cancer.

2 It’s Empty Calories

This reason to stop drinking soda applies to regular sodas in particular. Check the label and you’ll see it’s loaded with calories, most of which are from sugar. Most of those sugar calories don’t even come from “real” sugar, either — they come from high fructose corn syrup, which our bodies don’t process quite the same way as other sugars. If you’re going to be using all of those calories (about 150 per serving), why not use them and get some valuable nutrition at the same time? I’d suggest giving up soda and choosing a natural, no-sugar-added mixed fruit juice instead. Sure, you’ll still get a little sugar, but you’ll also be getting the antioxidants and other nutrients with it.


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3 It Can Affect Your Bones!

A 2001 study by the Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center suggests that there could be two reasons people who drink soda have weak bones. First, the chemicals in soda may cause your body to excrete the calcium it ought to be keeping, and second, that if you drink soda, you’re likely not drinking calcium-rich fluids, like milk. Either reason is enough to convince you to give up soda!

4 Caffeine…

For most of us, caffeine is a necessity, the magical chemical that gets us up and keeps us going. But for some, it can cause a multitude of problems, including insomnia, anxiety, tummy troubles, and irregular heartbeat and respiration… and even that annoying ringing in your ears. If you won’t give up soda, at least consider switching to a version without caffeine!

5 It’s Addictive!

All the sugar, all the caffeine… soda has the potential to be quite addictive, and for some, like me, it’s awful. When I first decided to give up soda, I had withdrawal symptoms, like restlessness, cravings, and a nasty headache. I felt like a recovering drug addict, and according to my doctor, that’s pretty much what I was… only my drug was soda. It may sound overly dramatic, but it’s true.

6 Cavities, Eww!

Soda, being high in sugar and acid content, can also cause tooth decay. How? The natural bacteria in our mouths feed in the sugar in soda, then excrete acids which weaken the enamel on our teeth, which causes tooth decay. In fact, most dentists agree that drinking soda is the biggest cause of tooth decay, especially in children.

7 It Can Harm Your Immune System

My daughter’s pediatrician says that soda can also damage your immune system. She says that the sugar in soda weakens your system for up to five hours after you drink it, making you more susceptible to germs… her reasoning seems sound. According to Dr. Sears, another reputable pediatrician, this can happen even after just two sodas! Why not boost your immune system — stop drinking soda, and drink orange juice instead!

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