7 Guilt-Free Beach Snacks to Keep Fit with This Summer ...

By Jelena

7 Guilt-Free Beach Snacks to Keep Fit with This Summer ...

Guilt free beach snacks are the perfect choice for all of us ladies wanting to keep fit without having to shush our stomachs every time someone decides that now is the perfect time to have a well deserved snack. A day on the beach can be filled with interesting, energy-demanding physical activities and you should definitely have a snack, too. A guilt free beach snack! But wait, don’t tell me you never had any of these! Well, take a look at all of those treats you can allow yourself to enjoy on the beach.

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Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Refreshing, hydrating and sweet enough to help you ease your cravings, a fruit salad is one of the best guilt free beach snacks there is! Consult the menu if you’re looking for a fast-fix and you will be served with a chilled portion of selected in-season fruit in no time. Alternatively, chop favorite fruits on your own, box them and stuff into a portable cooler, along with your water and sandwiches.


Energy Bars

If you choose to pack light or prefer developed rather than wild beaches, you can definitely toss a few energy bars into your beach-bag without having to worry that you’ll be breaking beach bar’s “no food allowed” policy. An energy bar is a good distraction for all of us suffering from inexplicable food cravings, it’s a good source of healthy calories and it won’t weight you down! Go for it if swimming can make you a bit hungry, if you do not want to overeat and ruin a nice, healthy lunch or if you have a love-hate relationship with those greasy unhealthy snacks.


DIY Snack Mix

DIY Snack Mix A bit of seeds, some nuts, a handful of dried fruit – making your own snack mix is the easiest thing there is! This guilt free beach snack won’t prove to be too costly either, and you may discover you have everything you need at home, in which case you won’t have to spend a thing.



If you’re on a special diet, you may decide go for low calorie beach snacks only. And while a fruit salad is undoubtedly refreshing, you might want to consider veggies, too! Carrot, celery and cucumber sticks are always a safe bet, you’ll be able to keep them chilled with minimal effort and there’s no need to bother with fattening dips – sprinkle a bit of salt, top off with some lemon or lime juice and your veggies will taste heavenly!


Citrus Fruit

Not all fruit needs to be kept at low temperature and that’s good news if you don’t own a hand cooler! Pack some oranges, blood oranges, grapefruits and even pomegranate and you’ll have a perfect low calorie beach snack to keep you hydrated and full! Who needs sugary ice-creams when there are plenty of fresh, healthy and, most importantly, yummy sources of vitamin C to go for?

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Muffins Spending the best part of your days at the beach without at least one half-decent meal might prove to be quite an unpleasant and even unhealthy experience. Why not ditch a good ole sandwich for a homemade muffin of choice? There are plenty of gluten-free, wholegrain or simply low-cal recipes to help you stick to your diet even on the beach!



Popcorn Reduce your cravings for fattening snacks by stocking up on a much healthier, low-fat, high-fiber alternative! Yes, popcorn is actually a really healthy snack! Provided that you don’t use bad oils, too much salt and butter, that is! Pop your own batch of diet-friendly popcorn, pack it into a paper bag and you’re all set!

What other healthy, low calorie beach snacks can you think of? I’m a huge fan of vegetarian pizza, too, although I still haven’t tried using it as a beach snack.

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