Health Foods You Should Never Eat for Ladies Who Want to Be Their Best ...


Health Foods You Should Never Eat for Ladies Who Want to Be Their Best ...
Health Foods You Should Never Eat for Ladies Who Want to Be Their Best ...

If you want to fuel your body the right way, there are health foods you should never eat. These foods pass themselves off as being great choices, but could be getting in the way of weight loss and good overall health. Nix these healthy foods that aren't actually healthy from your diet and you'll be looking and feeling better in no time.

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Microwaved Popcorn

product, long hair, socialite, girl, Popcorn is considered a healthy snack, but that's only if you air pop it. It also tops most lists of health foods you should never eat. The kind you pop in the microwave is usually GMO and contains fake butter that has been linked to lung cancer. Plus, the lining of the bag contains chemicals that can harm your health. You're much better off popping your own kernels the old-fashioned way - in a pot on the stove with a bit of oil.


Fruit Juice

eating, meal, brunch, food, girl, Many fruit juices are only partially made with actual fruit and are packed with sugar. That means a higher calorie count, which can derail your weight loss goals. In addition, a diet high in sugar can wreak havoc on your skin so it's best to make your own juice from fresh fruit or choose something else to drink instead.


Farmed Fish

dish, food, full breakfast, vegetarian food, cuisine, The American Heart Association urges everyone to eat fish at least twice a week. However, farmed fish isn't the best option. That's because fish that are raised by farmers contain fewer omega-3 fatty acids, which is the nutrient that supports heart health and the reason you should be eating fish in the first place. In addition, some farmed fish are fed a diet of GMO meal. Choose wild fish whenever possible.



eyewear, vision care, product, glasses, sunglasses, For a while, butter was the bad guy and people were encouraged to eat margarine instead. Not anymore. New research suggests that margarine is far worse for your heart and body than real butter. This is because margarine is largely made with trans fats, which new guidelines say you should eliminate from your diet altogether. Moderate portions of real butter make for a much better choice.


Canned Green Beans

vegetable, green bean, vegetarian food, dish, recipe, Yes, you most definitely need to include plenty of veggies in your diet. However, when it comes to green beans, fresh or frozen is much healthier than canned. Why? Because testing found that canned green beans are high in BPA and pesticides that can damage your health. This isn't the case if you opt for fresh or frozen.


Agave Nectar

dessert, food, ice cream, sundae, frozen yogurt, Some dietitians call agave nectar "high fructose corn syrup masquerading as a health food." The high levels of fructose are not good for your health. In addition, agave nectar has one of the highest levels of high fructose corn syrup of any other sweetener on the market. You're better off with a bit of real sugar or a touch of honey.


Vegetable Oils

meal, food, dish, tableware, brunch, For a long time, vegetable oils were considered a great choice. However, with changes in how corn is grown and how it's processed, that recommendation has changed. Now, experts say that most vegetable oils are packed with GMO ingredients, which means you don't really know what you're getting and the nutrients are far fewer.

Which of these foods have you been eating? Will you give them up now?

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