How to Eat Healthy on a Budget ...


How to Eat Healthy on a Budget ...
How to Eat Healthy on a Budget ...

Now, I may not be a Millennial but I understand the struggle of trying to eat healthy on a 20’s something budget. You really shouldn’t have to forego healthy eating because there are more coupons in your wallet than bills. Lots of people will scream at you that vegetables are cheap – that’s not always true, and you can’t live on vegetables alone. Eating healthy means a well-balanced diet, getting all the nutrients you need and here’s how to do it and still afford the rent.

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Meal Prep to Avoid Unnecessary Spending

furniture, medical imaging, chair, WHY, ISTHERE, One of the best tips for eating healthy on a budget is to commit to meal prepping. This means getting your food for the day ready the night before so that you don’t end up being out of the house and hungry, and spending money on deli sandwiches and junk food as an easy fix. Buy healthy foods in bulk and prepare meals that you can freeze and defrost overnight. This is healthy and financially sensible!


Start Simple with Easy Healthy Meals

person, profession, perfectdisney, You don’t have to dive straight in to cooking a big bowl of gazpacho just to prove that you are making healthy changes. Start on a smaller, simpler scale with things like avocado toast (on whole wheat seeded bread) and plenty of fruits and vegetables with your meals. Swapping red meat for poultry or fish is also an easy and very healthy change that can be made that is also easier on the pocket.


Buy Your Foods in Bulk

supermarket, grocery store, retail store, building, aisle, You would be amazed just how much money you can save if you buy your staple ingredients in bulk rather than just how much you need at that specific time. The ability to think ahead and plan out your meals and snacks will help you to save a lot of money and also means that you won’t to go on so many trips to the store!


Buy Frozen so There is Less Waste

sculpture, There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying frozen vegetables, especially when you are faced with a strict budget. Having frozen vegetables rather than fresh ones means that you never have to worry about amounts going bad before you get around to using them in your cooking. You simply just take out the amount you need and hey presto, you are being healthy and cost effective at the same time!


Make the Most of Inexpensive Superfoods

dish, meal, food, APPLE, SAUCE, Superfood has become the key word for the new healthy eating generation, and the best part is that some of the best superfoods are really cheap if you know which ones to look for. Things like kale, almonds, green tea, lentils, tuna and eggs are really good for you and cost a lot less than some of the more unhealthy junk food type products that are so heavily advertised.


Find the Right Store for You

toy, Catastrophe, Honestly, even though they all pretty much sell the same products, you would be amazed at how varied the prices can be in different stores in your neighborhood. It really pays off to take a field trip to compare the prices of your favorite ingredients. The savings can be outstanding!


Don’t Fall for the Store Salad Bars

person, dish, meal, food, eating, The salad bars in places like Whole Foods might seem tempting, but stop and think about it. You can put together a salad exactly the same at home without having to dish out the money for the branded box! It’s just a few boiled eggs and some lettuce etc. Don’t fall in to the trap!


Be Wary of Some Prepackaged Foods

person, facial expression, blond, profession, always, I’m not saying you need to make absolutely everything from scratch, but you should be mindful of certain products like pre-made salads or already sliced cheeses. You are paying for the convenience and might be getting additional stuff too. Did you know that pre-grated cheese is coated with starch to stop it clumping in the bag? The alternatives are much cheaper and you can prepare them the same way at home!


Become a Coupon Master!

hair, blond, toy, Don, Queen, It might not be healthy to get in to the world of competitive couponing that you see on those crazy TV shows, but seriously, some of the deals and discounts that you can get just by paying attention to coupons are incredible. Keep your finger on the pulse!

Personally, I think you can eat healthy whatever your budget. Plan strategically and think about what you’re buying and eating. Make grocery lists and compare prices. Avoid deals that aren’t really good bargains and browse the internet for recipes. Make healthy eating fun and affordable, not boring and a chore.

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When I was first living on my own I lived off potatoes and onions. Then I would buy whatever fruit and veg were on sale or that I could afford, mixed with buying some canned beans and rice. But you have to plan meals and cook!! And it was CHEAP!!!!

If that ^ were true food banks would be handing out fruits and healthy food, but instead it's Mac and cheese, prepackaged noodles, frozen dinners, prepackaged meals etc. Because they're cheaper and can be stretched further. Starchy pasta is more filling

True. Healthy is super expensive, sometimes is really hard to make the effort and not going broke.

@GJP that was my point. It's hard to eat healthy on a budget. Unhealthy food is much cheaper and usually much more filling due to startch. It also usually lasts longer. Like I said, food banks can't give fruit and vegetables, they give pastas and such.

Where there is a will there is a way! Buying veg and fruit from a tiny shop, getting the healthy bread on sale etc...junk food and pre made food seems expensive to me!!

These are tips for people who already have money lol. You can't buy bulk if you're already struggling, and those super foods are very expensive. Almonds are the most expensive thing in the nut section. Buying healthy is not cheap in any way. The only thing that really helps is buying frozen but even then unless you have a huge freezer you're going to end up throwing it away from being freezer burnt or not having enough room

Whoops hit enter too soon. It's more filling than a cup of veggies or healthier alternatives.

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