How to Eat Healthy on a Budget πŸ… 🌽 🍠 ...

Now, I may not be a Millennial but I understand the struggle of trying to eat healthy on a 20’s something budget. You really shouldn’t have to forego healthy eating because there are more coupons in your wallet than bills. Lots of people will scream at you that vegetables are cheap – that’s not always true, and you can’t live on vegetables alone. Eating healthy means a well-balanced diet, getting all the nutrients you need and here’s how to do it and still afford the rent.

1. Meal Prep to Avoid Unnecessary Spending

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One of the best tips for eating healthy on a budget is to commit to meal prepping. This means getting your food for the day ready the night before so that you don’t end up being out of the house and hungry, and spending money on deli sandwiches and junk food as an easy fix. Buy healthy foods in bulk and prepare meals that you can freeze and defrost overnight. This is healthy and financially sensible!

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