8 Restaurants with Weight Watchers-Approved Menus ...

If you've ever tried Weight Watchers to help you diet, then you know how remarkably easy it is to use, and how marvelously successful it can make you feel. Not only can you use the program while you're preparing meals at home, or by choosing their tasty pre-made entrees, did you know you can also eat at a range of chain restaurants? That's right! Most national chains have a special menu, making them Weight Watcher-Approved Restaurants. You can often find an entree, or an appetizer, or even a dessert to match your craving, all within a reasonable point range, often stated right there on the menu! Does your favorite chain make the grade? Keep reading! Here are 7 popular restaurants with Weight Watchers-approved menus.

1. Applebee's

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With items on their “Fit and Fabulous” menu in the 5 to 12 point range, it's no wonder Applebee's tops my list of restaurants with Weight Watchers-approved menus. I especially love the Veggie Quesadilla for 7 points.. and look! They even have desserts!

2. Chili's

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While Chili's only offers 6 Weight Watchers-approved entrees, and three desserts, it's still a good choice, because there's a Chili's almost everywhere across the U.S., so they're convenient and easy to find. No excuses for breaking your diet while traveling, right?

3. Dairy Queen

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Did you know Dairy Queen has more than two dozen Weight Watchers-approved frozen treats, some that only use one point? How amazing is that? Feel free to indulge a little, even in winter. Yum!

4. El Pollo Loco

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I'm fairly certain that, though this Weight Watchers-approved restaurant is only on the west coast, they have some of the lowest point food choices, and it's the most delicious. For example, their garden salad requires zero points, and their tasty Spanish rice only three! Lunch!

5. Krispy Kreme

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My diet weakness is donuts, so I'm thrilled to see Krispy Kreme is a Weight Watchers-approved restaurant. They have lots of pastry choices worth only 4 or 5 points, so I won't feel guilty indulging once in a while.

6. Olive Garden

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One of my favorite lunches of all time is the Olive Garden minestrone and a bread stick, which will cost me only 5 points altogether. It's the ultimate comfort food, without wrecking your diet.

7. Red Lobster

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Seafood lovers, rejoice! Red Lobster also makes the list of nationwide chains that are Weight Watchers-approved restaurants. They have literally DOZENS of lunch and dinner choices that require less than 10 points, including my favorite, the Norwegian salmon.

8. TGI Friday's

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Celebrate the impending weekend any day of the week, without ruining your diet, at TGI Friday's. They have nearly two dozen menu choices under 10 points, and without exception, all of them are tasty. No one would even guess you were dieting.

With so many Weight Watchers-approved restaurants, there's no excuse to plead “dieting!” when your friends want to meet up for lunch or dinner! Which of these national chains do you like best, and which Weight Watchers-approved entrees are your favorites? Please share!

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