7 Restaurants with Weight Watchers-Approved Menus ...


If you've ever tried Weight Watchers to help you diet, then you know how remarkably easy it is to use, and how marvelously successful it can make you feel. Not only can you use the program while you're preparing meals at home, or by choosing their tasty pre-made entrees, did you know you can also eat at a range of chain restaurants? That's right! Most national chains have a special menu, making them Weight Watcher-Approved Restaurants. You can often find an entree, or an appetizer, or even a dessert to match your craving, all within a reasonable point range, often stated right there on the menu! Does your favorite chain make the grade? Keep reading! Here are 7 popular restaurants with Weight Watchers-approved menus.

1. Applebee's

With items on their “Fit and Fabulous” menu in the 5 to 12 point range, it's no wonder Applebee's tops my list of restaurants with Weight Watchers-approved menus. I especially love the Veggie Quesadilla for 7 points.. and look! They even have desserts!

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