What Diet? 7 Reasons You Need a Cheat Day ...


What Diet? 7 Reasons You Need a Cheat Day ...
What Diet? 7 Reasons You Need a Cheat Day ...

There are various reasons you need a cheat day when you're dieting. Some people feel like a cheat day undoes all their hard work and that's true if you go overboard. But if you can enjoy your cheat day in a reasonable manner, it's a very good idea. You could choose to have a cheat day once a week, every two weeks or once a month; it's totally about what works for you. These are some specific reasons you need a cheat day.

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Dieting is Hard Work

The truth is that dieting is very hard work. It's not easy to stay focused and motivated. One of the reasons you need a cheat day is that it gives you a break. Getting a break from anything you're working at is important. It helps you to stay the course in the long run.


It Gives You Something to Look Forward to

It's nice to have a cheat day to look forward to rather than thinking of all the treats you can't have indefinitely. You can think about your cheat day when you're having a bad day. It can lift your mood when you're feeling discouraged with dieting. It's also a nice thought when you're feeling bored with dieting.


It Gives You Motivation to Keep Going

When you feel like giving up on your diet because you feel like you just can't do it anymore, a cheat day can give you motivation. It reminds you that you can still enjoy food while losing weight. It's also a way to help reinforce the knowledge that there's a place for treats in moderation. This is a good step toward a healthy living lifestyle.


It Encourages You on Difficult Days

When things aren't so great, you can look forward to your cheat day. Maybe you're bored with all the low-calorie dinner options you usually enjoy. Looking forward to homemade lasagna on your next cheat day can help you to feel encouraged. It makes a bad day a little brighter. It encourages you to stay focused on your goals.


It's a Great Time to Get Together with Friends

Let's face it. Getting together with friends usually involves food of some sort. Yes, you can choose low-calorie options when you're out but it isn't always easy. The options may be very limited. A cheat day is very useful when you're getting together with your friends.


You Can Enjoy the Treats You've Been Dreaming of

It isn't unusual to be tempted to break your diet. It happens to pretty much anyone who ever tried to diet. A cheat day is the perfect cure for this. When you're faced with a temptation you can tell yourself that you can have that food or dessert on your next cheat day. This helps you be strong when you are dealing with tempting foods.


Cheat Days Are the Best Days

Lastly, cheat days are just fun. They're lovely days when you can just enjoy food and not think about calories or if the choices you're making are the best ones. It's a day to relax about food a little bit. In time, cheat days will be a way of life to you without being an official cheat day. You'll have enough willpower to make the healthy choice most of the time and enjoy treats only on rare occasions.

These are 7 reasons you need a cheat day. What do you go for on your cheat day? Share your favorite treats and indulgences.

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Well, definitely cheat day for me today 😅 it's my sister's birthday and I'm cooking dinner! Making a creamy pasta with roasted tomatoes, pancetta, peas, in a parmesan based sauce and then having a flourless chocolate cake to celebrate 😊

These all sound great; it's just I can't seem to get myself to cheat....not even a bite of something I'd be craving.

I call it treat day instead of cheat cause that word is associated with bad !

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