7 Truths about Fat You Need to Know to Lose Weight ...


7 Truths about Fat You Need to Know to Lose Weight ...
7 Truths about Fat You Need to Know to Lose Weight ...

Weight loss and dieting often cause us to misunderstand the truths about fat when we’re looking to lose weight. You might already know that healthy fats are important, but do you know the truths about fat, and how they affect your weight? To get in the know, read up on these truths you need to know about fat. Some you might know, but others might surprise you. Fats are nothing to fear, but knowledge of them is important when looking to lose weight the right way.

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Moderation is Key

Understand that moderation is key when it comes to fat, and it is the most important of all truths about fat to remember. No matter how healthy a fat is, you should still moderate how much you eat. Consume single serving portions of fat at your meals and snacks, and you won’t ever have to count grams or read labels excessively again.


Plant Fats Are Key

When choosing fats, remember that plant fats are key to losing weight, yet they need to be raw plant fats, not hydrogenated forms. Hydrogenated forms of fats include vegetable oils, which are technically rancid when you consume them and rich in trans fats. By consuming most or all of your fats from raw plant foods like nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils, coconut, and avocados, you can be sure you’re getting fats that your body can easily digest and assimilate.


Calories Are Least Important

When looking at healthy fats, don’t worry so much about how many calories each one contains, but instead focus on portion control. Calories are not king when it comes to a healthy diet. You could consume low calorie sources of fats from processed foods, but that wouldn’t help you lose weight or become healthy. When looking at healthy fats in your diet, choose fats for their quality, not their calorie content. The highest quality will be raw or cold pressed sources, with no added salt or sugar, and preferably be organic.


MUFAs Burn Belly Fat

There are three types of fat that are usually listed on a nutrition panel. Saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats are often the three types of fats you’ll see under “Total Fat” on a nutrition label. Mono-unsaturated fats are one of the best sources of fats to eat to burn belly fat. These fats are also known as MUFA. MUFA content on a nutrition label should be considered when looking at total fat amounts if you’re looking to lose weight. These fats help target excess fat in the abdominal area, and help them be excreted from your body quicker than saturated or polyunsaturated fats will be.


Coconut Oil and Chocolate

How many of you love coconut oil and chocolate? I know I do! These are two of the best sources of fats you can eat. Although they are high in saturated fat, they are the exception to the rule. These fats contain certain components that help you burn fat, and reduce your sugar cravings. Stearic acid in chocolate can help speed up the metabolism, and is found in chocolate’s saturated fat content. Chocolate is also a surprisingly good source of MUFAs despite its saturated fat content. Be sure you choose raw chocolate like raw cacao products, or dark chocolate with at least 80% cacao content for the best options. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain tryglyceride fats, also known as MCT fats, which help to reduce how much fat your body stores, and also helps your liver use it immediately for fuel, not fat storage. Both coconut oil and chocolate can also quell your cravings and even reduce hunger.


Don’t Go Solo

When eating fats, be sure you also consume a variety of fats, along with consume them in moderation. Never just consume one type of nut or oil, if you use oil. You should always rotate your healthy fat choices from nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, and chocolate. Doing this can help ensure you get enough fat from various sources, and that your body doesn’t get used to only one kind.


Don’t Forget Your Seeds

When consuming healthy fats, do not forget your seeds! Since most all of us love chocolate, coconut products, and nuts, it can be easy to forget important seeds like chia and flax seed, along with pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and sunflower seeds. Don’t make this mistake! These little gems are powerhouses of nutrition, and are actually higher in nutrients combined than nuts. I like to sprinkle them over smoothies and oatmeal since they add a marvelous crunch that’s satisfying, and high in fiber.

The truth about fat is, you should never be afraid of it, but instead, just be knowledgeable of it. The more familiar and aware you are with fat, the more health benefits you’ll achieve from it. What’s your favorite fat source, and how do you use it?

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