8 Healthy High Fat Foods You Needn't Avoid ...


8 Healthy High Fat Foods You Needn't Avoid ...
8 Healthy High Fat Foods You Needn't Avoid ...

If you’re eating a low fat diet, and find yourself starving or always eating, you’ll be happy to know there are certain healthy high fat foods that can actually prevent you from overeating and help you lose weight. Most people on low-fat diets are cranky, starved or end up breaking their diet in no time. Low-fat diets also usually mean eating more high glycemic carbohydrates, which the body ends up storing as fat. Your body needs healthy high fat foods to function, to lose weight and to keep your mood and blood sugar stable. Here are 8 healthy high fat foods that will help you lose or maintain your weight. Don’t fear fat, it will help you stay on track and learn to eat healthy for life instead of living a life of dieting.

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Perhaps one of the best healthy high fat foods is avocados. If you don’t like avocados, then keep trying them in different ways until you do. These babies are loaded with Vitamin E, B vitamins, moderate amounts of protein, folate, magnesium, fiber and healthy fats that actually prevent harmful fats from being digested in your body. They are a wonderful food for your liver as well and can actually be detoxifying as they help remove harmful agents from the body through the liver’s detoxification system. Try chopping one up in a salad, add one in a smoothie for a creamy texture, or top your omelet with half of one. The fats in avocados have been proven to shrink belly fat and aid in an overall healthy eating plan. They are also excellent for your heart, skin and mood.


Coconut Oil

Yes, coconut oil is a saturated fat, the kind you would typically want to avoid. The fat in coconut oil is different than all other fats, however, because of a few important factors. First, it is not stored as fat in the body but used for energy. Coconut oil's fats are used immediately in your liver once they enter your body. Secondly, coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which has been proven to serve as an antimicrobial agent to ward off harmful bacteria in the body. Coconut oil also helps to digest food, contains nutrients that nourish your thyroid gland, give you energy, and it helps control sugar cravings. Be sure to buy unrefined coconut oil and buy organic whenever possible.


Raw Nuts and Seeds

If you shy away fat from nuts and seeds, no need to! Just choose raw nuts and seeds to snack on instead of roasted. The fats in nuts and seeds are incredibly healthy in a raw state, but these fats are extremely delicate and when high heat is applied then they turn into harmful fats. Always choose a variety of raw nuts, seeds and raw nut butters for different nutrients that are beneficial in multiple ways. Raw nuts and seeds are like little energy bombs that have been effectively shown to aid in weight loss when kept in portion check.


Flax Oil

One of the best anti-inflammatory oils is flax oil. Flax oil is made from flaxseeds, and the oil is one of the most healthy high fat foods of all. The key is to eat it cold and not heated as the nutrients are destroyed and damaging when heated. Flax oil is a very tasty oil that is delicious drizzled over a salad, veggies or soup. It can be even be added to smoothies. Flax oil is beneficial due to the high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids which burn fat in your body and also keep your joints lubricated and blood sugar low. Flax oil may also be a great remedy for depression due to the Omega 3 fatty acids it contains, which have been linked to prevention against depression.


Fish and Fish Oil

Though fish is not typically thought of as a fatty food, in it’s pure form, fish such as salmon is filled with high amounts of good fats instead of the bad ones. Fish is one of the best foods for an inflamed stomach, inflamed joints and weight loss. It is a very slimming food and the fats in it are used precisely to fight bad fats in the body and ward off a bad mood, which can sometimes be the culprit for weight gain. Fish's high protein content also helps ward off cravings and low blood sugar. By eating foods that nourish your brain like fish, you prevent unhealthy emotions towards food. Never eat fish fried though, as that takes away all the benefits. Another bonus? Fish makes your skin glow and fights acne. Nice, right?


Dark Chocolate

Perhaps one of the best foods for women and weight control is high quality dark chocolate ( choose at least 80% cacao content). Dark chocolate can lower your insulin and prevent cravings to help with dieting or weight maintenance. It is completely unnecessary to avoid dark chocolate if you are watching your weight. Simply eat small portions. Allow yourself 1-1.5 ounces per day in the afternoon when those 4 p.m. cravings hit and enjoy this daily indulgence. It makes for a nice ritual just for you that won’t hinder your abilities to lose or maintain your weight. Chocolate is high in magnesium and iron, two vital nutrients for women that are extremely beneficial to a healthy weight.


Coconut Meat

Just like the oil, shredded coconut and pure coconut meat are high in fat, but extremely beneficial for weight loss and weight maintenance. These fats are filled with nutrients that nourish your thyroid, which aids in your overall metabolism. They are also incredibly delicious and can be enjoyed in just about any way. Because coconut is a very heat stable food, the fats it contains are not destroyed with a little heat applied (up to 350 degrees). You can make your own homemade nutrition or protein bars with coconut to get this healthy fat into your diet, or toss some in smoothies. Coconut meat is also wonderful for our hormonal system as well as it balances levels when there is too much estrogen in the body.



Many people avoid eggs for their cholesterol content. This is completely unnecessary. Egg yolks are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are powerhouses of nutrients, including B vitamins essential for energy, Vitamin E for healthy skin, choline for healthy brain functioning, and even Omega 3 fatty acids. They make perfect foods for most anyone (except vegans), and can be served in a variety of ways. Eggs are wonderful foods to prevent depression as well due to their fats. Eggs also contain the essential amino acid tryptophan that prevents stress and anxiety, which increases serotonin in the body.

When choosing healthy high fat foods to purchase, be sure to always choose from quality sources. This is one food you can enjoy without guilt that will help fill you up, keep your mind off junk food, and sustain you for longer periods of time. Fat fuels our brain in amazing ways and eating fat, not sugar, will keep you slim and svelte the rest of your life. How do you enjoy eating healthy high fat foods?

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