10 Healthy Foods 🍽 You Actually πŸ’― Should Be Using to Fuel ⛽️ Your Body πŸ’ͺ🏼 ...

When you eat, you want foods that nourish your body and satisfy your hunger, but that also taste good. The foods you put on your plate play a pretty big role in your overall health. A junk food diet can lead to nutrient deficiencies, which wreak havoc on your insides and your outside. If you’re trying really hard to make better food choices, you have to try the items on this list. Each one is packed with nutrients, but also tastes good so you won’t feel like your dieting.

1. Stock up on Lemons

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You don’t want to eat a lemon plain (though you certainly can), but lemons earn top ranks for several reasons. A lemon has loads of vitamin C, which your body needs to promote healthy immunity. In addition, studies show that lemons may actually inhibit the growth of cancer cells in your body. Add lemon to your water or use it to make homemade salad dressings.

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